Constellation?believe it or not

Constellation said, others believe it or not, anyway, I do not believe.

Mobile newspaper horoscope column every day, but basically do not see how. Speaking of 12 constellations, constellations, in addition to know himself as belonging to one of the Sagittarius, the other not and will not understand I do not know.

Search the Internet search, learned that the shooter outside, another 11 constellations originally so called: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, the first once the 12 constellations of the pro-called full name.

Sagittarius advantages: the rational, brave, careful, and the development of force, lively, sense of shame, enthusiastic, cute, optimistic; disadvantages are: forgetful, confused, hasty, fickleness, carelessness, bad faith, gentle.

Sagittarius is preceded by a few key words: the pursuit of freedom, polygamous, smart, naive, simple …

The relationship between personality and constellation in the end how? In contrast, but rather feel that the blood type and personality is probably even greater.

From the constellation of character so it seems there is a little tricky, forecast horoscope fortune some inevitably exaggerated point, can be accurate to the monthly weekly or even daily, I really do not know the day, twelve constellations fortune fortune the constellation experts how to think, and too talented.

A bit like the Chinese Zodiac constellation, every lunar new year, there will be zodiac forecast in this year will bring fortune, what wealth, career, emotional, health, etc.. In contrast, we still feel the traditional Chinese animal zodiac constellation of this stuff easy to accept.

Horoscope forecast in life penetrate too deep and too frequent, major newspapers, magazines, websites, microblogging, abound on the content of the constellation, see people get confused, and said clearly and logically with the true like the constellation of the experts of these 12 constellations interpretation too determined.

Some people on the constellation studied this way, up the familiar, every smell, smile a while too. In addition to the Lunar New Year, astrology and feng shui, numerology, physiognomy divination such as these have in common that it should be said, much the same right, these things are the same, trusted do not believe in yourself, it can not be too seriously.

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