Li, elected in 2011 at home and abroad such as the influential Chinese women “characters

Famous tennis player Li Na, beautiful mother, “Wu Juping and” the most beautiful nurse “Yu Shuhua, elected in 2011 at home and abroad influential Chinese women Times People”, this selection is organized by the Chinese women’s magazine.

Today in all areas of outstanding women continue to emerge, among them, who is the representative of the spirit of the times? Beginning in 2001, the Chinese women’s magazine launched in the year at home and abroad influential ‘”Chinese women” era characters’ selection activities “, so far, has successfully held 11 sessions, Wu Yi and other more than 100 outstanding women elected to the Chinese women “Time People”. Activities consistently abide by the “social, ethnic and outstanding contributions; distinctive characteristic of the times; made remarkable achievements in the year in its domain; four selection criteria and produce a wide-ranging implications for public concern in the worldwide Chinese women selection.

2011 judging by the Chinese women’s magazine, the jury in accordance with the above selection criteria, 86 female characters in the reports from dozens of influential mainstream media, after two rounds of in-depth selection to choose the 20 candidates referred to the Readers’ Poll. The ballot paper for postcard design, with the “Chinese Women” magazine distributed to the hands of readers. As of January 31, 2012, a total of valid votes of 7584, selected 10 candidates were elected for the year 2011 at the influential Chinese women Times People “.

10 elected leaders of both in their respective fields, but also the epitome of our passionate era of million of outstanding women. They are prominent and touching stories shows once again: In today’s pluralistic society, self-improvement, tenacious, and bold to create, spirit of selfless dedication, just the people, public-spirited, the quality of helping others is still one of the most advocates. A person is only the unremitting efforts and struggle to do their best for the country for the people to contribute, they will win the favorite of the readers and the respect of society.

Summary of the previous contest of “Chinese women” figure “of the times, the Chinese women’s magazine, the jury that: the selection era figures, we find feminine images in the spokesperson of the process, we grasp the pulse of the times, into the era of women in real life and soul The process of the world. Each of the 10 women elected, they are just this passionate, highly concentrated and summarized the outstanding women of the changes in the times. They may not be perfect idol, but must be in their respective fields of excellence on behalf of them, who embodies the times spirited, must have been or are affecting the groups of women to pursue the footsteps of.

The activities of the consultant is a former vice chairman of the China Women’s Federation, secretary of the Secretariat, Hong Tianhui and American social activist Anna Chennault.

“Chinese women” magazine was founded in Yan’an in 1939. Chairman Mao Zedong twice wrote the title as the “Chinese women”, and composed a poem in the magazine this congratulations. After the founding of New China, “Chinese women” Journal of China Women’s Federation authorities. Magazine 73 years, along with the women to grow, to show the female style, recording growth of women, development trajectory, loved by the majority of women.

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