30-year-old Li is still uphill

Before been asked to Li Na, about age 30, will not feel old? A. Li, “just add a piece of paper, nothing special, I think 27, 28 and 31, 32 no distinction of any kind.” Yesterday, Li officially stepped into the thirties, her birthday made micro Mogae thanked the parents for the upbringing of grace.

For the majority of the Chinese sports star, 30-year-old means downhill or even end, but Madonna seems unusual, because in terms of various aspects of analysis, the 30-year-old Li also walk in on the ascent.

Based on: a healthy body + mature team

Li Na is rare in the Chinese women’s tennis strength and speed of both players, thanks to her innate excellent physical fitness and hard training, height 173 Li physically strong, muscles, body fat very low, in short, Li’s physique is the player closest to the European style Asian players, their fierce style of play is also very “European”. Therefore, Li has rare body.

Since the solo after the team owned by Li Na is also the world’s top level, for her to improve greatly. According to Li’s age, his team developed a targeted game plan, caring person and very easy to find, and as much as possible the entry of a few years ago, Li has put health first, in order to avoid a repeat of game delayed treatment of leg eventually had surgery to solve the tragedy to miss more games. In the first round of the Suez Open in Paris this month, Li halfway out of the race due to a back injury, and decisively to give up the next two races in Doha and Dubai, is to get enough rest, after examination, the doctor gives Li also healthy to play at least two seasons, and have achieved good results concluded.

External environment: tennis troubled times everyone has the opportunity to

Physiologically mature later than the foreign players, China and other Asian players in tennis, the foreign players in a certain age technology that has been established, the Chinese players may still find and explore the appropriate body changing their own fight France routines. When a full-fledged technical and psychological, and began to gain experience and confidence in the game. Li reason why turning pro 12 years after winning the Grand Slam titles, the number of Basic Training also stems from his early career, a solid basic skills as the underlying architecture, with the accumulation of experience and confidence in the superstructure, The results naturally follow.

Li after last year’s French Open Grand Slam achievements made no quarter-finals, but also take into account today’s world women’s tennis is also showing a trend of the pack and play to the Australian Open this year from last year’s Australian Open (microblogging) five different players won the singles title, and that is whether it is this new generation of Azarenka or Colavito baby to ????? such a late bloomer to send and famous for decades of Sharapova, Chris Tors, etc., or even because of the injury affected the size of the state of Wei, women’s tennis and there is no “dominant” everyone has the possibility of a champion. No one has the absolute dominant premise holds excellent bottom line and Li is the world’s top five forehand attack, two mid-still the best chance of the impact of the second Grand Slam.

Late bloomer: the charisma of domestic and foreign popular

In accordance with the standards of professional sports, focusing instead on training and competition, athletes, outside the good results to get along with the media, fans, sponsors, and other sports stars on the rapport is the sports real significance. Conversation and other poor, compared to English bad enough, many Chinese athletes, Li like Yao Ming, is a subversive, its Taidalielie character is sometimes referred to as hot, but more often is considered to be straightforward performance is its unique and charismatic.

Last year’s Australian Open and French Open, Li humor shocked the world, this point and at ease in front of the media network of Yao Ming and Liu Xiang (microblogging official blog) is quite similar. Fluent in English to Li in the WTA Tour, the game handed a lot of good friends, like to laugh at the big joke of the husband Li Na is to avoid the embarrassment of an interview. Good at the inside and outside the venue to express themselves, it is also most valued sponsors, who know how to promote their athletes is the best product promotion, Li Na and behave enough to attract the world’s eye, and now, Li microblogging has more than 3.7 million fans in the occasion of 30-year-old Li, a lot of fans to music lyrics send birthday wishes, moved Madonna Xilihuala.

Although the age of thirty, but Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Ding their young fame, before boarding the career and popularity peak of last year, Madonna is definitely a late bloomer, and therefore, Li Na, the idol of the road has just begun, sports fans and sponsors The business she is still full of curiosity, without any tired of this point of view, Li is definitely in the “uphill”.

Focus on the cause: Tennis no “fatigued.”

Madonna thirty, going uphill

Mostly practiced by the Chinese athletes are “boy power”, five-year-old went into the training hall, day after day of hard training will inevitably stifle children’s nature, to more than a dozen twenties the results, many people will find it boring, if successful will choose Jiliuyongtui the. After the reelection of women’s three-meter gold medal in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, 28-year-old high-sensitivity laments, everything is finally over, although the state and is still leading the world, but still chose to retire. In the eyes of the diving queen, the game has become a simple pressure, no happiness.

Li On the contrary, the year when playing in the 20-year-old retired the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, reading, enjoying the sweet love between the rich and varied campus life and Ginger, in reading the past two years, Li broadened their horizons, also have a new understanding of tennis, it is aware of their own comeback to tennis is still passionate about so I chose back. That is Li for tennis Shenmeipilao period has been spent in retirement that time, although now it is the world’s battle, but for Li Na, who is a happy thing, and insisted on her completely because of the love . Always be able to concentrate on the things they like Li Na of course, there may be greater glories in the future. Husband Jiang Shan is also a tennis illustrious couple love tennis, but also join hands in building your career, Madonna of course, be able to do the distractions.

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