In addition to master all

In addition to master all kinds of superior stolen art, it is proficient in various other than lock technique, but to open the lock is higher than the sidekick at least twenty pillars of the masters, the superior skills will not have a few, and the people of this cultural revolution Breitling Replica Watches would have died out.” As we mentioned before, the so-called “column”, similar to today’s go speak of “period”, is a theft ace lock kung fu the line of high and low. On this point, I still learned from ownership. Grandfather taught in unlock skills, but also give she tells the story was the source of some lock terms. China since ancient times has “three hundred and sixty line, have a master” view. And in the three hundred and sixty lines outside of the business–theft, was also a lot of superior. These master by the master of stunt, the most main is “lock technique” and “grilled art” two. “Grilled Bvlgari Replica Watches technology” refers to the theft of skills, and “lock art” is not the key in the lock skills. With today’s view, at the time of the lock and skills and even can say is an art. Take “pick was speaking, in many of the basic skills to hard outside, not only to talk, bold, eye bright, very much quick moving, more major also cleverly transfer others’ attention. Want to practice a pickpockets ace is not the simple things, really to undergo a series of arduous training. Just as our today’s piano playing training, should pass such as worship well, CheEr, 599, 849, 299, 718, 740, Chopin etudes and so on Dior Replica Watches a series of professional training materials, has it been possible to reach piano playing higher realm. I was trained to be from refers to force the practice, refers to force three close: “broken carbon”, “broken chestnut” and “rock”, also is by forefinger middle finger and ring finger of three refers to power, crush a charcoal, walnuts and nuts, even is the stone. Of course, this is just the legend, and no one really seen. After the three after shut, it accuracy practice: “suspended the bell”, that is to hang Guess Replica Watches a piece of extremely smooth are round stone or soap (of course is invented soap later), one side to hang a, to practice the rapid take round stone and the bell. Bell distance will deepen gradually become nearly as skills, and finally close and two fingers plus round the width of the stone are similar. Practice to this state, will be a “boiling water take the thing” training, that is we often hear that “boiled water clip soap”, if in a very Longines Replica Watches short time will be extremely smooth objects with the power of the three refers to only from boiling water clip out, and hand burns, even if the practice. But above all training are called “dead” training, because the thief stealing in real in the face, is constantly activities and have feelings, alert, and therefore really perfect steal requirements are Replica Audemars Piguet Watches higher. So I was the highest level of training, it is to use a stick. The bump on joints and the whole body is activities, bump hanging in half empty, dressed in individuals with the Replica Franck Muller Watches same clothes, tie a medal on, my hand will be stretched out for pickpockets at the clothes out each pocket stick items, and not by the bell rock sound, and it will reach the so-called “a bell” border. The real masters, from “the bell” to practice on, highest can practice the “seventy-two bell”, or in other words on a seventy-two stick tie, steal things and the bell. This is god the skill, to “pick was speaking, it has come to the border of the tree.