Oven takes his sword prick to him

They begin to fight with each other. But I really have not any power. I could not believe the world is so treacherous . they have the same ability . no one could won another. I do not move. I do not help any one. I really do not know who I should help. I could not hut any one of them. one is the first person I ever loved. I pay so much emotion to him. Even though he did lots of bad things to me. but I really could not hurt him. Oven is a good guy I know. Every time when I am dangerous he always will turn up. I know he is the only person who care me . I really could not kill any one of them. so the only thing I could do is waiting. I have no choices.
Suddenly a arrow comes up . it make Oven hurt. Bruce uses the sword point to Oven. “you deadline has come” then he pricks it to him. everything becomes quiet. The wind blows us. The fallen leaves fall from the trees. The sunshine is shining us. The cloud has disappeared without our attention. Everything stop there. Bruce died. He forgot me. he should know I am a killer. Even though I feel sad. But I know the cool in my nature. I kill him. Without any tears. I know it is the right time I give him up. Everything ends. And now I know the important person to me is Oven. I could not imagine I could kill Bruce. Maybe Bruce can not imagine I will kill him , too. A girl called pandora
ever loved him so much. A girl who can give up pandora charm pandora crystal and pandora bracelets to follow him. He missed me but I missed him. And now it ends.
But there still one thing if he knows he must be mad. Pandora crystal. The most powerful pandora jewelry is in my sword. No one knows. The only one has been killed by me. it was several years ago. I looked after for pandora earrings
. But I found a picture of pandora crystal. I saw sword. It was mine. And I read it. The pandora crystal is in the pandora bead. It means pandora crystal hinds in the pandora bead. No one knows. I have burn it up. Only I break pandora beads people could get it. But I do not , no one could keep close to my sword. He did not know if he really wanted to stay with me. I could give all of these to him . only he accompanied me. but he gave me up. He even did not say anything to me. he lost so much.
I look at Oven, he hurts a little serious. I cry. When we were children the person killed him was me. but now he saves me for so many times. I really do not know why he is so silly. He tells me cause from he saw me he begin to like me. but he has no choice . even he is not the first man she ever loved. But he will be the only guy of her life.
We really do . we really live far away from noise. We put all the pandora jewelry
together. Then we hind them under the ground . no one knows. We live a simple life. everyday we smell the fresh air, we watch the river, we wait the sunrise. That is all we want . We have only each other, but enough.