Follow Your Heart—one

In recent years, along with the rapid advance of the society, we are always confronted with different choices. In face of so many lures, what should we do? The answer is to follow your own heart. When you do not know what to do, do not hesitate and just follow your heart, because it is no wonder that one’s heart is the best guidance of his action. Do not you believe it? The following story about pandora will be a good example.
Once upon a time, there was a young man named James Brown. From most people’s opinions, it seemed that he had no special ideas about living in the world. Everyday he was always idling about in the street corners by himself. He had no job or family, not to mention money. He did not have any places to live in, either. His clothes were completely worn out, and there were many holes in it. What was worse, he was often debased by his peers. James was very puzzled that he was not welcomed by others all the time.
One day, he came across an old man who was full of wisdom. He was wearing a crown studded with a big pandora crystal. He told James to look for something about Pandora. James was confused and did not know what to do. The man said mysteriously: “Young man, do not hesitate any more. Pandora is something wonderful, but I can not tell you what it is now. You must find it by yourself. Good luck to you! Do not worry, and I will be back at the right time.” After saying these words, the man went away and disappeared in the dense mist.
James was too surprised to say any words. Out of curiosity, he decided to look for Pandora by himself. At first, he thought that Pandora must be a person. Thus, he went to the police station, and hoped that the police could help him. At the same time, he posted some advertisements on the public places. He took out all his pandora gold as a reward. However, things did not go well. Three months had passed, but there was still no result. Actually, there was not any person named Pandora.
As James was in great confusion, a friend told him that there was a brand in the name of Pandora by accident. Out of curiosity, he went to all the shopping halls in the town as soon as possible. At last, in a small jewelry shop, he was very excited to see that a series of pandora jewelry was on sale. They were shinning brightly, especially the pandora charms.
Among the precious ornaments, James was completely attracted by a pair of pandora bracelets
. They were displayed in the corner of the counter. James felt as if they had the same characteristics as him. He was living in the corner of the city, and no one would take notice of him. But as a matter of fact, he had a dream in his mind. He dreamed of being a rich man who had made great contributions to the society. However, at that time, he had no chances to show himself at all. No one would care about him. But he insisted that his dream would come true one day. He thought that even though the Pandora bracelets were not the most beautiful ones, they still played an important role in the line of the ornaments. He said to himself that as long as he had enough money, he would buy them. Even if he could afford only one pandora bracelet, he would take it home, too. Thinking about this, James set up his mind to start his own business.