Hardship in Career —two

On one occasion, Tom knew pandora’s sufferings by accident. He suggested that he could help her get though the difficulty. But she refused without hesitate. She just wanted to earn her own living. Every time Tom visited her house, he would take some pandora gold as a present. Pandora never exchanged them for daily necessity. She kept them in her box as a keepsake. She considered them as a symbol of their friendship.
When Tom knew how Pandora treated with his help, he was impressed deeply. What an adamant woman she was! She never complained about her sufferings to anyone. She was brave enough to face with the difficulty in life with a placid disposition.
In order to avoid hurting her self-esteem, Tom decided to provide her some support in spirit. He invited her to his birthday party and asked her to have dinner with him. He sent her a suit of long dress to match the pandora earringswhich she designed for herself. They shared happiness and sorrow with each other. They had a great time everyday.
Under the circumstance, Pandora’s inspiration was as fresh as fish. She designed a lot. Most of her designs were concerned about romantic love.
Time flew! The shopping hall was completed in the following year. So was the factory. On the ceremony, many famous people were present. Pandora talked about the experiences and skills with them. They were very surprised to see her talent on designing. It was easy to talk of fashionable things, but fashion itself was abstract. Pandora was able to make it concretion. Some of the, might not like her, but they had to get to admire her persistence. Pandora was like a Goddess in their hearts.
As the shopping hall was open, all of Pandora’s designs were processed into real jewelry. Some of them were made of pandora crystal. What was important, they sold well though the price was very high. The customers were in an endless stream everyday. They made a big profit.
One day, Tom sent Pandora a pair of pandora bracelets to express his affection for her. He asked her to take the bracelets as a pledge of their love. She accepted his proposal with great pleasure.
However, things did not go well as they expected. One day, they were having dinner in a restaurant. A lady came in angrily with a little girl. As a matter of fact, they were Tome’s family. The lady asked Tom to leave them alone. She told Pandora the truth. Tom was a playboy. He spent much money dating with young girls. But he was kind to his family. They had a life of happiness and prosperity. The lady required Pandora to leave Tom.
Pandora was confused. She did not believe it. But Tom indeed lied to her. She didn’t intend to destroy a perfect family. Thus, she decided to part with Tom. Out of guilty, Tom gave up the shopping hall and made a living overseas with his family. Pandora had to manage the shopping hall by herself.
Due to the lack of reverse fund, the shopping hall went into trouble in a month. Pandora tried her best to reduce the cost. Once upon, she was checking the quality of pandora charms. Suddenly she found that a pandora chain was made of silver. As we know, gold was much more expensive than silver, but silver shone much brighter than gold. It was a symbol of holiness. Since then, she suggested that the chains were made of pandora silverinstead of Pandora gold.
It was very difficult to go on her business. But Pandora never gave up. Everyone was impressed deeply. They admired her very much. What a great woman she was!