One eye two eyes and three eyes—–seven

Then mother said to one eye, :“come up, child, to get it.”one eye climbed up, but when she wanted to touch the gold apples. The twigs always ran away from her hands. Liked this, no matter how she moved, she could not get one.
So , mother said to three eyes :“three eyes, you come up. You have three eyes you must could see clearly. ”two eyes girl, the poor pandora. No matter what kind of things she always would be left. Just liked this, there were so many gold apples on the tree, but their mother only thought about one eye and three eyes and did not let two eyes girl have a try. The pandora beads was on their mother’s neck. It was so shining. But it liked a knife more. It prick into the poor two eyes girl’s heart.
One eye got down, then three eyes climbed up. But she did not did a great job. Cause no matter how she tried, the apples always ran away. at last. Mother really lost her patience. So she climbed up by herself. But she was as same as sisters. She could not get any one. At this time, two eyes said;“let me try. Maybe I could.”heard about this, sisters shouted:“you? You two eyes girl, what can you do?” but two eyes had climbed up. It was strange, this time the gold apple did not run away and it liked running to two eyes’ hands. So two eyes plucked the full bag then came down.
Mother carried the apple from her hands. One eye and three eyes girl touched their pandora bracelets and pandora charm with a cold expression. Every ting the two eyes girl did was a boring thing to them. Two eyes girl’s doom did not be changed. Even though she could get down the gold apples, but the mother did not change her mind. Two eyes girl’s sisters also liked that. Their mother did not treat her better cause this. On the contrary, she treated two eyes worse because only she could get the gold apples. They had a life with pandora gold and pandora silver, but two eyes girl’s life was still angry, even she only wanted to let her stomach feel full was so difficult. And, two eyes had a more anguished life.