One eye two eyes and three eyes——six

Suddenly, the witch appeared. She asked two eyes:“lovely two eyes. Why do you cry?”“could not I cry? They know you taught me the spell. They killed the goat. ”the poor two eyes , the poor pandora
thought why she had this kind if life. every time when she passed some person , the mother would cherish the little children, they were so happy. Love was so beautiful. But she never knew the feeling of happiness. Why was the happy life so difficult? To her, life was a pandora chain, it tied her so tightly. If she had pandora beads pandora bracelets pandora charm or some other pandora jewelry, she would use them to exchange a happy life. Money to her was unimportant. The simple life was a true dream. the witch said to two eyes:“ I have another method. You go to beg your sisters. Let then give the viscera of the goat to you. Then you bury them under ground. It will bring you good luck.”words ended. The witch disappeared. Two eyes girl did not why this kind woman always helped her. The woman was a good person. She treated two eyes girl so good. She gave two eyes girl food. Two eyes never felt any one was as warm as the woman. Sometimes she thought the woman liked a mother, if she was two eyes girl’s mother, it would be happy. so two eyes came home and begged the sisters. “Sisters. I do not want too much. In only want the viscera of the goat. Could you give it to me?” They heard it, could not help laughing.?“if you only want the viscera, get it.”So, in the midnight, two eyes did as the witch’s words. She put the viscera under the ground in frond of the gate.
The next day, when mother and sisters woke up. They found there was a big magic tree before their house. That tree was so beautiful. There were so many gold apples and silver leaves on the trees. It was sure no other things could be more valuable than it. But they could not know why it will come up in one night. Only two eyes know, it was from the viscera of the goat. Cause it came up in the place of burying the viscera.