He put his heart a thomas sabo charm braclet

He put his heart a horizontal, the side back, side of a waist don’t have ye in the hand gun box, opened a day-night doubleheader, as long as the red things what passed, first to give him PiTou to a heavy rains pear. Who knows what this time the thomas sabo charm braclet red actually stood up, old three a closer look at feel scalp, stomach churned6 and that is clearly a was skinned the person! Mix of rain on the bloody, as though they are just people squeezed out from the skin. But such a person, was still walking around, and it is a miracle, does this is the face of a blood?I think, the blood corpse a bow, suddenly rush toward to thomas sabo silver bracelet come over, suddenly old three and his eyes to the, the bloody face was stick his nose, a stream of acid gas winds, old three with a fall back, at the same time, the shuttle to a box gun bullets all close hit the that thing on the chest, distance is too close, the bullet in the past all, take that blood dozen spent four splash, to back thomas sabo club the several steps. Old three heart AnXi, again a your hand at the head of that thing is a trigger, listen to clicked his heels together, gun unexpectedly jam!This old box that year he is two grandpa gun from a warlord tomb dug out, how many years it want to come, but unfortunately, these a few years followed him dad run everywhere, and no time to maintain, flat shot opportunity when little little, who know that even in this point to get stuck. The old three is really not thomas sabo online shop simple, a look at gun is bad, round round arm strength with milk gun was smashed in the past, and whether to hit didn’t hit, turned tail and ran. This time he also dare not even head back, run through a big tree in front of it ran past, thinking how wear it also can’t climb a tree right, suddenly stumbled and he a thomas sabo rings whole face in a ke stump, immediately nose mouth was full of blood.Old three a slap in the face take on the ground, in the heart that gas oh, mama of how so back. By this time hear the wind ring, know YanWangYe to a calling, heart a horizontal, and die, simply will not lie on the ground up. No ChengXiang, that didn’t seem to see dead with blood, unexpectedly from thomas sabo charms him, stepped on the past, the bloody baseboard immediately behind him imprinted a marks, the blood corpse surprisingly heavy, a feet to, old three is throat feels a sweet, only sleep bile is like stepping on spit it out, and that was stepped on a place on a JiYang thomas sabo immediately, eyes immediately hazy up, he immediately knew the way the poisoning, and toxic also very fierce, he saw the nearby between trance place, the hand he two elder brothers seemed to hold something.He gave a wink, a closer look, it is a piece of ancient silk. He thought, his two elder brothers to spell the life all want to take it, and certainly not something unusual, and now do not know how they, I somehow to put things away, I really was dead, they find my body, also can find from my body, the two elder brother of this hand is not white broke.