Step mother in law

A few days ago, I saw news about pandora in a famous magazine, which made me remember something about my mother.
Recently, I felt extremely boring. The emotion which I couldn’t tell what it was like was still around my heart. About it, I still hesitated; I don’t know if the word sadness was suitable.
My mother died three years ago. Father found another woman…the only one thing my mother left me is nice pandora bracelets which is my father gave to mom.
There is something just like a kind of boring cloth surrounding my body, separated me from others
I remember that hot summer; I was eighteen years old then. I was very happy. The others meant my father and his lover Lucy. However I adjusted to the environment because of my nature. My father was very welcome among girls who were practical, curious about everything. But you would feel him boring soon. And he was almost forty years old, full of energy, all kinds of possibility. I loved him, because he was so kind, generous, and happy. The most important thing was he loved me always. He gave me a vintage pandora charms as a birthday gift. I couldn’t imagine there was another friend better than him. In the beginning of the summer vocation, he even asked me whether I would be annoyed, if he went on a vocation with his lover Lucy.
I could only support him, as I knew he needed her. Besides, Lucy was not very boring although I was a little jealous about the pandora beads he gave to her.
Lucy was a tall woman with long brown hair, who was working in wine club in WVA Street. The pandora necklace she was wearing made her look so sweet .she was a kind person I think.
Moreover, going on a summer vocation made us very exciting .it is not possible that someone doubt about the travel .my father was a millionaire then. He rent a quite beautiful white house on the beach of sea. We were very eager to travel there when the whether was just turning hot in the early June. The house settled on the edge of an isle, standing where you could see the whole scene of the beach. There was a wide road leaded to the instance across green forest. A small road leaded to a golden bay where standing brown stiff. Fishes jumped up and down from the shining see water. The scenery was very beautiful!
After the holiday, we lived a happy and harmonious life just like a family. When I saw the pandora chain on her neck, I no longer envy her any more…