JUNIOR “transformation” to aid Zhejiang revenge

A month ago, Coach Outlet CBA new season first round of the Guangdong team was easily beaten at home with foreign aid JR ยท Smith Super Zhejiang Chouzhou banks, the game is the first official boarded the JR CBA league stage, Coach Outlet Stores however, get 20 minutes after he walked out because of accidental injury, Zhejiang Ensemble lost nearly 40 points. But after a lapse of several days, Coach Factory Outlet CBA halfway, last night when the team visited Guangdong, Zhejiang Yiwu face again when the team, Coach Outlet Online JR is no longer before the “big thorn”, and in addition to stand at a crucial moment to help the team score , the former Coach Factory Denver Nuggets player to make a good grasp of the Zhejiang team rhythm, although the final 27 points and four rebounds data is not that much impressive, but his “transformation” to win the Coach Factory Outlet online Zhejiang team .

The day before the game, JR girlfriend to see him fly from the United States, which inspired his performance desires. The real “JR moments” from the second half, Coach Classics he and the other foreign aid Zhejiang Boone team collaborated again tear the Guangdong team’s defense, in addition to those dazzling crotch hands layup, Coach Kristin Bags steals and assists as The NBA star of the new highlights. JR in the team before the exclusive “unlimited fire power”, and was seen as a play is “independence” of the players, Coach Madison Bags but the game JR is often the ability to use their individual team’s defensive focus, Guangdong attracted, as teammate resulting in scoring opportunities. Coach Poppy Bags Faced with this JR, Guangdong team make every effort to defend, Dong Hanlin 6 fouled out, Zhou Peng also carry a five fouls, and even leg injury Coach Outlet Stores in Singleton are simply tough to go on to the fourth quarter also personally against JR. Three-game winning streak end, Coach Factory Outlet Guangdong coach Li Chunjiang said after the game, in dealing with JR on this point, the Guangdong team has tried: “It is best to defend him, Coach Outlet Online and his personal competence, this round of 36 before he can get points, and today we took him only 27 minutes, so in fact limit his scoring defense has been very good. ”

But even if JR can stop scoring, Coach Factory but not prevent his team into the vitality of Zhejiang, Zhejiang Ding said the coach, so JR is the team most in need. Ding said, “He’s role today is actually the most important step rhythm, Coach Factory Outlet online not only individual scores, but also led the team, although not at the end of some fast-break opportunities into a pity, Coach Outlet because the domestic players and the best run yet, but he has been prominent a role.

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