God never embarrassing simpletons

Intelligence flat are often big achievements. Jin Yong’s Novels Guo Jing is an example. Guo Jing Han Hou simple, but know how to work hard at his craft, has to grasp is maintained good and evil boundaries, there are these two, there will be a later Guotai Xia. As Yang Guo such flying escape, smart spillover, if not Suffered setbacks And temperaments, great changes, estimated to eventually must obliterate natural everyone carry on.
Played a computer game,basketball shoes “Jin Yong’s Heroes”, the game plot is a Jinyong Mi suddenly fell into a virtual world, he must personally experience itinerant insurance fierce, and finally to Back to reality The world. Game 1 at the beginning, the “Small” scratched his head, said that in addition to “baseball fist” and what powers will not ah. This “baseball fist”, it is estimated that Taiwanese in “blind random play” means. The game interesting design is that if you choose to practice this “baseball boxing” and was trained in the most difficult, and attack power for a long time also can not increase, but in the highest tenth grade, the “baseball boxing” the power of more than “nine Yang Scriptures “and” xianglongshibazhang ” This little rich philosophical design for me this game has fond memories.
In the real world, academic circles, I have seen are also so clever are not necessarily the final winner, that adhere to is the final winner. Smart people are often superficially, but smart people, the temptation is often more, nba basketball jerseythey start, when will everyone else left behind, they are often the first out of the race of people.
Than learning more complex is the Life And Community. In the community to survive the optimal rule for that? IBelieveThese rules are still the most ancient and most simple truth. Such as honesty, diligence, forgiveness and cooperation. I put the movie “Forrest Gump” as a fable. Forrest Gump had an IQ of 75, almost is a fool. His mostLikeSay “I Mom Said…… “Forrest Gump’s mother told him in danger when the have to run, run the sooner the better. Agam so from the Vietnam battlefield a narrow escape, but also a hero. From ordinary people understand Success Point of view, Forrest Gump is a success. He is rich, respected, Life Experience varied. Although when all of these came when Forrest Gump was unaware tonight. Agam’s Girlfriend Walking is another way. Her generation who consider themselves smart enough to confront the social, subversive tradition, she did everything seems to be looking for extreme boundaries: She was University Expulsion, the “Playboy” magazine, strippers, vagrancy, drug abuse, anti-war. basketball shoesBut in the end, she was crashing, quietly returned to agan side, but also quietly gone. Forrest Gump and his girlfriend’s two road once again prove that: God never embarrassed simple-minded people.
Recipe for success must meet two conditions: First, it must apply to everyone. Even if it is like Forrest Gump and Guo Jing that mind not very good people, as long as compliance with a rule, you can eventually succeed, this can be regarded as a good know-how. Second, it must be indisputable. Dynastic changes, the passage of time, system change, should not affect those basic rules to bring subversive impact.
There was a famous pilot, invited a number of scholars, each individual in mind the best in the competition, winning the rules down, and translated into computer programs for computer simulation of different rules for competition. The winning rule is the so-called “tit for tat.” The strategies include: If they Paul Piercedo not deceive themselves never deceive; if cheated, immediately to the cheater to punish; If the cheater repent immediately forgive it, and return to cooperation in the track. The strategy’s success is first, because it is Kind-hearted De; Second, because it is simple. Eliminated many of the rules is because it is too complicated. Lying is a complex of rules, in order to Yuan Huang, you must Zaisa new lies, to the last Lie Become extremely complex.
Tell the young secret of success is hard work and honesty, a lot of conceited young people will be staring suspiciously big eyes: If the secret of success so easy, that not everyone can succeed? Therefore, they conclude: The secret of success must be some of the more subtle things, such as thick black school. Ironically, that go this route is also very, very much, which is why successful people very, very small. Forrest Gump’s mother put it best word is: “nba jerseysOnly the stupid things is stupid people.”