Charlotte NC MLS Listings-Sell your Home Faster For $10,000 More

Sell Your Home or Foreclosure Property Faster For $10,000-$50,000 More!


Real estate values have declined a great deal in the past two years and foreclosures are at a record high in the United States, but many North Carolina home sellers, banks, and lenders that have slow selling foreclosed homes are taking a new approach to selling their homes in North Carolina, that would otherwise sit on the market for months, or likely have to be reduced in price to sell.


“It is a known fact that homes that are staged sell faster and sell for more than homes that are not staged for sale,” says Viola Bland, Interior Decorating Manager for QualiCare.


Home sellers and home lenders have recently started contacting QualiCare to stage their homes for sale, and as a result, both home sellers and home lenders in North Carolina are noticing that by using QualiCare to stage their home for sale, that QualiCare is adding a huge buyer appeal for a minimal price, as well as giving each home they stage a targeted lifestyle look that demands buyer attention, and QualiCare is actually saving both home sellers and home lenders advertising dollars, because North Carolina home sellers and home lenders are noticing that their homes are selling quicker and selling for $10,000-$50,000 more than they would have otherwise sold for if they were not staged by QualiCare.


The increasing number of foreclosures, REO’s, and short sale properties in many real estate markets throughout North Carolina, has caused both home sellers and home lenders to take a more effective approach in selling their homes and Many people facing the prospect of foreclosure will decide that the best solution is to sell their house.


“If this is the only viable option for you, then you have a particularly high incentive to sell your home as quickly as possible and for the best possible price, by having QualiCare stage your home for you,” says Viola Bland, Interior Decorating Manager for QualiCare.

Viola Bland, Interior Decorating Manager for QualiCare went on to say that, “The real estate market will likely see a great number of homes going on the market in the months ahead, so your home will need to stand out among the rest, and you want your home to be the one that people fall in love with the moment they enter it, and QualiCare can help make that happen.”

QualiCare continues to help transform slow moving houses in North Carolina into welcoming eye catching properties that will attract the most potential buyers.

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