What is Sterilization wallet?

Do you hear about Sterilization wallet? Sterilization wallet is Different from the normal wallet, canvas bags, tote bags, fashion handbags in market.
Sterilization wallet to adopt the world’s most advanced nano technology,nuclear activity of the bacterial decomposition of the internal principle,can be carried by a variety coins on bacteria completely kill in a short time (5-60 minutes).overcome banknotes and coins in circulation in the market easy to carry all kinds of Bacteria Infected people, a major impact on human health defects,Good with a germicidal effect (Bactericidal efficiency is greater than 99.9% by the international testing organization SGS testing ),in a variety of bacterial activity in a long time (Bactericidal efficiency is still greater than 99.9% three years later Based on the current test results show) Heat resistance, ultraviolet radiation, chemical stability, security, environmental protection, sterilization broad S & P, no odor,Is environmental protection project which the country gives priority to development,is a new patented product with high-tech to protect human health.
All kinds of epidemic diseases in the world today. SARS in 2003,H1N1 avian influenza in 2005, Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in 2008, Influenza A H1N1 influenza in 2009 and so on.
A serious threat to people’s health, With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard,Meaning of people’s health of environmental protection growing, So the health problems of paper money which as a indispensable tool for the exchange in people’s daily life is also more and more concerned by human beings. Therefore, get a sterilization wallet for you and your family member’s health.