Top Party Dress Accessories For Christmas 2008

There are so many different party dress accessories to choose from. When choosing which accessories to wear with your party dress, consider the style of dress. It is important not to overdo the accessories. If you have a dress with lots of sparkle or embellishment, then opt for a few low key accessories. If you have a simple style of dress then you can add a few more eye catching accessories.

Cocktail Ring – Cocktail rings are a great way of addinEmpire Wedding Gowns some glam and glitz to a party dress. They work especially well for dresses with a high or complicated neckline where a statement necklace will look too much.

Micro Clutch – The micro clutch is the party bag for Christmas 2008. It may be small but it can still make a style statement and catch everyone’s eye. Look for micro clutches with crystals, studs or other interesting embellishments and details. The beauty of the micro clutch is that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. You will have to take on the absolute essentials with you unless you have another half with lots of pockets.Mermaid Wedding Dresses Under 1000 g

Statement Tights – Tights are definitely in the spotlight this Christmas. There are many different eye catching styles to choose from including brightly coloured opaques, patterned and glittery. Statement tights look great with a mini dress and are good way to draw attention to great legs.

Shrug -The shrug has been around for many seasons and is likely to stay for many more. Great for adding a bit of interest to a plain dress and covering up shoulders if you feel self conscious. Look for beaded aStrapless Wedding Dresses nd jewelled shrugs in sheer materials.

Gloves – Gloves are a key trend for winter 2008 and 2009. With a party or evening dress they add an element of luxury and sophistication. Long black gloves look amazing with a long black dress. You can also try experimenting with different lengths, colours and styles gloves for areally individual look. Hair Bow Bows again are huge trend this year and look perfect as party hair accessory to keep your hair out of your face.

Killer heels – A beautiful pair of high heel shoes will always be in fashion. This year there are plenty tSample Wedding Dresses Onlineo choose from with some very high heels that really catch the eye. As with any accessory, don’t over do it. choose a really eye catching pair of shoes to go with a plain dress or a statement pair to go with a fairly simple dress. Try wearing shoes in a contrasting colour to really catch the eye. Jewelled or Embellished flats – As seen at Alexander McQueen this season, embellished flat shoes are great if you find high heels difficult to walk in. They are elegant and dressy enough for the evening but will not stop you having a good dance when you want to.

Flower Corsage – A flower corsage is a pretty addition to a party dress and does not need to look summery and girly. Try looking for exotic flower corsages like orchids or unusual looking corsages. A black flower corsage will look great with a dark coloured party dress. Traditional style prom dresses also look good with flower corsages.

Statement Necklace – The statement necklace is a great way to draw eyes up towards a beautiful face. Consider carefully the style of necklace and whether it will compliment the neckline of the dress. The shape and length of the necklace should roughly follow that of the dress. Simple strapless dresses are perfect for showcasing a really sparkling or glitzy necklace.