Soccer Moms, Coaches Upset At New Park Policy

EL PASO, Texas — Soccer season is just getting start in El Paso,Soccer Jerseys Cheap and that means loads of fun for several thousand children, but also potentially loads of headaches for some of their parents and coaches because of a new city ordinance.

Elena Powell grew up playing soccer in El Paso, and passed her love of the sport to her son and daughter.

She is also president of West El Paso Soccer League and El Paso Youth Soccer Association, and in an interview with KFOX-14, she said a city policy passed last month limits the number of practice fields for the 6,000 who play soccer in El Paso to the point that some teams don’t have a spot to practice.

The city policy designates four of El Paso’s nicest fields for game-use only: Blackie Cheser, Northeast Regional, West Side Sports Complex and Marty Robbins. And if you’re caught using those fields for practice,Arsenal Jersey starting Sept. 1 you’ll be given a warning, and then a fine of up to $500.

The city said the move is to protect their fields.

“The fields as they are now are getting well used, overused, especially the soccer fields in the goal areas and in the middle area because that’s where they practice around the goals and it turns the grass to pure dirt,”Inter Milan Jersey Paula Powell with El Paso Parks and Recreation said.

Carillo disagreed.

“There’s other areas in the U.S. that have the same weather. Phoenix is hotter and their fields are green year round and it’s all about water and upkeep and keeping them going,” she said.

Tonight on KFOX-14 news at 9,USA Soccer Jersey hear from coaches who tell KFOX-14 they are surprised that all the money they give the city can’t go to maintaining the fields so they can continue to use them for practice.
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