Empty party coaching experts

Statistics since 1970 s oil and the price of Coach, an ounce of Coach found about exchange 15.8 barrels of crude oil. At present, the latest prices of crude oil for $82.19 / barrel, the ratio of the Coach and oil is about 16.36, Coach prices higher.
The financial times points out, tulips, Internet football coaches and before the credit crisis of real estate has been excessive adored, and eventually slump. Now it’s up to Coach.
Harvard economist Kenneth: future outbreak vicious inflation is still low, the possibility and the current price of Coach may have two times in their long-term inflation value level.
The United Nations global economic cooperatives coach of monitoring center director: current flood plain Coach market is strong speculative, once to evacuate, inevitable, capital tumbling, at present the risk is very big. Chase after go up Coach
The first four seasons Coach prices continued to rise
Most market participants to still think, Coach coach shoes bull market is not over, Coach price callback is a good time to enter the arena.
“The next 20 years, China’s Coach jewelry consumption market will increase by 50% ~ 70%.” The world Coach council global chief executive ShiAn s said recently, China domestic Coach mineral resources will be used in six years, Coach will support the rarity of Coach.
But jp Morgan asset management company coach poppy fund manager the Ian Henderson, said recently as investors worried about the economic outlook, Coach is expected to easily exceed $1400 per ounce, but the market will likely first a fixed movements.
“Coach is actually very difficult to valuations, because of it of value is relative.” Icbc guangdong provincial branch DaiWeiYu think analysts.
DuoFang experts
Citigroup (China) retail Coach Necklaces bank research director QiuSi nephews reappeared unharmed: at present, 60% of the Coach from the jewellery industry, plus demand central Banks to buy Coach, Coach is not to appear bubble.
Standard chartered bank commodity research director, Michael Haigh: to quantify the loose policies by ongoing concerns about the decline coaching of the dollar, and cash to buy into busy season, Coach prices will rise at the end of the season is expected to.
According to information, the price of jadeite this year to now has doubled the price of individual high-grade varieties up 2-3 times. BiLiJun said Coach prices also rose sharply in the current price, for more than $1380 an ounce in July last year, but Coach Purse Discount only more than $700 an ounce, but investing in Coach and not the best choice, the future existence downside risk to the Coach price, all countries of Coach reserves, a renewed rise to a certain degree will be stopped rising and twist, according to the historical experience down even may fall to the cost of production line, and jewelry near price movements does not exist in similar to make the risk.
2010 China international jewellery show Coach Purse sale will be held on November 11,, in Beijing, exhibition, opening the scale of 42000 square meters, booth 2100 DuoGe, from 22 countries and regions of the 961 enterprises, etc. BiLiJun says, the jewellery show for the largest session.