Make Money Watching Video Commercials

There are a plethora of get-paid-to sites online.  Making money online is often tried by many seekers of simply supplemental income!  Yes, it is possible to make money online for watching video commercials.  It is a trade off.  You watch the videos, you will be rewarded.

This is possible through a company called Beezag.  They are mothered by the advertising agency AdGenesis who conglomerates video adverts from advertisers of all kinds.

You’ll likely to see a commercial for Sperry just as you’re likely to see a Bing commercial. There are sometimes news buzzes on celebrities or even mini infomercials.

Here’s how Beezag works. You simply watch the short video advertisements and insert the two digit code that shows sporadically during the video. Don’t worry, if you get the code wrong you can retry.

Beezag rewards viewers for earning 8,000 points with MP3 downloads of $8 cash directly to PayPal. Who wouldn’t want $8 over and over again for watching commercials?

If you invite people you earn 10% of their points. The more you invite the easier it is to reach the 8,000 points to cash out!

If you like commercials like the famous Old Spice Commercial. You’ll love Beezag!