QualiCare Maids In Charlotte-Takes Lead Over Franchise Maid Services In Cleaning Service Quality

QualiCare Maids Has Become the Innovative Commercial and Residential Cleaning Industry Leader in NC,

With its Highly Customer Rated And Very Popular “Total Cleaning Program.”



It has only been three short years since QualiCare was established by Greg Nixon, a former Sales and Service Manager for ServiceMaster Clean, but his efforts to build a commercial and residential cleaning company that could compete with the service quality of large corporations have now come to fruition.


QualiCare has now become one of the most popular and most reputable commercial and residential cleaning companies in the state of NC, due to the diligent uncompromising efforts of Mr. Nixon and his loyal hard working staff.


QualiCare has now established three cleaning service entities to their fast growing company, they are commercial, residential, and construction cleaning, and QualiCare has now started establishing a network of subcontractors that include some of the most highly rated commercial and residential service companies in the state of North Carolina.


QualiCare has some very impressive credentials for an independently owned company, QualiCare is a United States Federal Contractor and has over 350 residential customer references for 2009, that rate their services 5 Stars over their competition, these are just a few of the great accomplishments of this young innovative three year old company.


Greg Nixon, the General Manager of QualiCare, says “ there are so many janitorial and maid services that claim to be good and have so many years of cleaning experience, but all that experience means nothing if you are not creating customer satisfaction and hiring employees that are loyal, hard working, and see that they have a future with your company.”


Mr. Nixon also expressed that” maid services that charge by the hour to clean a home, apartment, or a condo are outdated in these days of economic uncertainty, because people are looking to cut unnecessary cost from their budgets, and charging by the hour, instead of charging by the job is taking advantage of any customer, because a customer has so many choices these days, this is the reason that QualiCare Maids is so popular and widely used by homeowners, realtors, and people with busy lifestyles in fourteen counties in North Carolina, because we charge by the job and give each customer more than what they pay for, and we do this consistently, not just once or twice.”


As QualiCare continues to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with, we will continue to bring you updates on the progress of this impressive company.

For more information about QualiCare Maids visit their website at: http://qualicaremaids.webs.com, or call 704-625-2330 for free estimates.


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