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All of this happen in a sudden

it comes to you in a silence. You can not tell the direction, can not tell the taste, even can not see yourself clearly. Just like the mystery in pandora box. But you pretend you can fix it easily, you make a cold style to be you remark, steps cross the doorsill with confidence into the world full of sunshine and hard rain. Boys, your twenty years old wold is becoming clearer. You begin to feel there are two miracle are competing to obtain you. One you can call it the tempt, another can be called fear. One feel like a thief in the pandora charms store, feel nervous. Even though you know there is nothing can beat you down. It is difficult to try to get rid of any one of them, but for this sake, the world seems is filled with strange and new subject. You figure it out with proud that you can be the person you want to be in this contradictory society. Sometimes, you get a feeling of having too high, but then the sense becomes too low. A kind of feeling that you desire a piece of pandora bracelets deadly, but you can not afford it. The busier you are, the emptier you feel. You plan so much, imagine so much, you have too much wish. But when you wake up from you dream, begins to cry, cry for the truth, cry for the real you. First, some person you give much respect can really disturb your mind. A pandora charm or a piece of pandora bracelet can make nothing difference. When you calm down, you may blame yourself for you give them your acceptance. You want to stay away from the people who have been protect you for twenty years, however, you can not, cause you have promised to stay with them. In order to get into the deep tier of the world, you make friends with various people, who have the same quality with you, have the same desire to explore something unknown in the world. While you are alone sometimes, you drop out of one group, then you get in another, you find yourself can not stay too long with any group of them, you suspect them and you agree with them at the same time

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my mother often scold me

Some people say that women are made of water, maybe because of this, I would love to cry. In that ear the adults rarely have the time and patience to coax a child to play, so the memory is that when I cry, my mother often scold me. Grow up, many memories from childhood have forgotten, but it has followed me, cry for my fault, cry for helpless, and even when it is excited the tears will burst, sometimes I feel very shy, but,it become a habit. Life does not care about you, I became strong, can be strong to bear the cruel reality of life, strong in the face of men’s feelings are changeable. The world do not believe your tears. I became a stubborn and strong woman, but in fact, I don’t want to be strong.It seems that as strong a woman, they needn’t have a pandora’s face, they only need the brave. They never to show weakness. If things go on like this, it will make people have a strange feeling, make the people originally want to help you will stopped, and almost all of the people do not want to let themselves in a helpless situation, superwoman no exception. I’m not that woman, do not want to give up pandora charms to make me pretty, this will increase my confidence.A strong woman, very care about her image, always give a person the impression that she does not concede, even if the fact are not good. So I don’t want to give that strong faces. Little person has been said about a strong woman is” little girl”,” little girl” love cry, love burst into tears when she felt grievance or she didn’t obtain a pandora bracelets, so” little woman” became a weak symbol, but shinning the pandora charm and can arouse people ’s deep sympathy. In fact, a person no matter how strong, they aslo need people’s help, not to mention a woman. A strong woman might be puzzled when used to show a way that she will be tackle with anything, she can’t help to hide her loss, and” little woman” is different, be puzzled of confused and bewildered help greatly not only meet a lot of people” Guitar Hero” psychological, but also she can be granted to they sometimes feel secure. But I’m an ordinary and ordinary, common and woman, so I want to cry whenever I want cry, buy whatever I want to buy like my favorite pandora bracelet and pandora beads.So, don’t say me strong, I do not want to be strong.

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Connecting Through The Trunking Systems

The working of a Trunking Systems for people who are not aware of the term can be said to functioning the same way as a trunk of a tree that connects all the different branches of a tree to the roots of the tree. It acts as a medium or a bridge between the two. The same way this system works by connecting different tetra radio with a common base station. The science was not invented for the radio industry but has been taken from the telephone technology where trunking was used for STD connections.

Trunking systems helps in:

  • Minimizing the total number of lines required otherwise for any project related to one to many or many to many connections.
  • The infrastructure and the raw material required for the same also gets reduced drastically.
  • The total number of lines that would have remained idle otherwise will be reduced as trunking system itself finds an empty line for transmission and receiving of messages which otherwise would require one line each for receiving and transmitting messages. Multiply these with the total number of users that would be transmitting and receiving messages at a time and you would know that the lines required for such connections can go as high as a million.
  • The trunking systems reduces the hassle of maintaining so many lines and provides a hassle-free solution for establishing the same number of connections with a minimum number of lines.
  • The system is a boon for services related to defense and emergency as minimum number of lines to handle makes it easier and swifter to transfer messages.

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Communicate With The Help of Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies are simple instrument that can be used to transfer messages from one point to another through a fixed radio frequency that is being used by just that instrument. This turns out to be a safer and a faster way for communication and yet is not used as much as it should be used. The reason here can be the unawareness of people related to the use of the DMR radio and other such frequency using instruments. Although these instruments cannot be used as a substitute for any other modes of communication but still they can very well prove to be useful in branches where other modes of communication may not function to well say for e.g. construction sites. For huge construction sites, these can prove to be of great help in connecting and transferring messages from one part of a site to another part.

DMR radio have been introduced to the market as a low cost option to other radio frequencies users who wish to make use of the land mobile frequencies as a mode of communication and yet be safe from issues related to proprietary. Walkie Talkies also functions in the same manner but within a fixed frequency band and can solve problems of communication in areas where the perimeter of work is limited to a fixed small area. As each and every thing that is present in this world, these instruments also have their positives and negatives but if thought and developed properly, these modes of communication can prove to be cheap as well as time saving.

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Things happen like this

Have you ever heard the legend about how there is man and woman in the world? It is a nice story. Things happen like this. Dark covers everything before the universe form. God creates a man call him Adam. When he is asleep, god takes his a rib and creates a woman call her Eve. And man and woman are created by god. And man and woman is an organic whole. The world is composed of two kinds of people—man and woman. So when man and woman grow up, they need leave their parents and combine a union. You are the union, so men please regards their wife well. She gives up the charm life of pandora. Women give all her energy to support the family.
My mother always buys pandora charms and pandora bracelets for me when I am young. She says that I can decorate myself beautifully every day. And I should enjoy my charm life happily before I get married. And I don’t understand that why I cannot enjoy the same charm life after I married. My mother says that you will not have more energy to decorate yourself after you married. Now I grow up and I also understand what my mother says. When woman get married, it means that she will change her role of her life. She is the one who is cared by others before marry. But now she becomes the one cares her husband. Some women act as a full time wife. They give up their career and their life. They want to be a woman who supports their husband silence. The only thing that they want is their husband happy every day. They wash cloth and cook delicious food every day. They will eat nothing until their husbands come back, even it is too late. They never complain, they care for their husband’s mother and their children. They just hope that their husband can work hard and have a good future. They never mind their life or their career. For their own parents, the distance is too long and they cannot care for their parents. She donates all her life to her husband. Even though there is lots of money in their house, she could not bear anything for herself, even a small pandora beads. But she can take all the money to buy things for her husband. Men should cherish your wife, and men should buy their wife pandora charm or pandora bracelet to express men’s love for their wife. The women are the people who are the most worth having the most charm things in the world.

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we also face many stresses

Life does not always go the same direction as the wind. Sometimes it will go the opposite direction with the wind. During all our life, we also face many stresses. For example, life stress, study stress, marriage stress, career stress and so on. If we could not make it free, we will die under the weight of the stress. We cannot breathe and we also cannot experience the beauty of life. If we cannot face it, our life will fade its color, it will not follow pandora who can always keep its charm forever. Stress always comes, so we need release yesterday stress, so we can accept today stress. So we need find some ways to release our stress. Perhaps many ways can release stress. However, some way can bring right effect to you, while some brings bad wrong effect on you. Some ways make you live happily, while some ways make you life go bad. If life goes bad, you will lose many things which are worse than stress. So we need find a healthy way to release our stress. Don’t think things worse, because everyone has the stress. Never feel that you are the abandon baby of the god. Just face it healthily and you will find it is easy to handle.
Different people have different ways to release stress. Some men like to sport, some like to have a holiday, some like to travel, some likes enjoy the time with family and so on. These are all good ways to release stress. And it makes people live happily. While some men like to drug, some like to drink much, some like to gamble and so on. These ways bring harm to him and his family. It will make him feel that he is a loser during his life. Some woman likes wearing beautiful things, like pandora charms or pandora bracelets. These pandora charm makes them be full of confidence. It will make them feel that life is so beautiful. Some woman likes to go shopping, she likes to a small pandora bracelet or nothing, but she enjoys the process of go shopping. So she also can release their stress. While some likes to eat much or drink, it is not good for woman. And sometimes they like to quarrel with their lovers, it is also not good. If you find some good ways to release your stress, you will make life more wonderful. If you find some bad ways to release your stress, you will make life terrible. So you should find right ways to release your stress.

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This year

there are people advocating the simply feelings? Who still has a simply feelings? I’m sure, but my friends pandora , do not believe. Pandora opened a restaurant in the known as” ghost Street” Long Street. The store is small, but the business is hot. Pandora said, the wisdom of the masses cannot be underestimated, the name of the street it is brilliant to see, here it see person during the day, and see” ghost” at night.
I have been in Pandora’s shop at a hot day’noon, at that time, she sitting at a shadow after his door to smoking, she said to me: This is not the time. This time the street as if asleep, lonely too. She said: if you come at night, you’ll find many people really, will understand their real life , you will understand you have been looking for simply feelings. Now people only care about money and wearing, who took the pandora jewelry more expensive, wear the pandora charms more bright, but the night people, don’t care of it.
Into Pandora’s shop, six single rooms with color is a new kind of soft color, somehow I feel that wearing a ambiguous mood and shinning the pandora bracelets. She said:” in the beginning, I just think this is the hotel, later, only to find, the color is not deliberately to agree people, it is only in order to meet the customers style is to be adjusted. ”
She said her store is the window to explore the real life, she often sits in a corner to spectators visitors gallery. In the shop, Pandora saw a friend, unmarried, have a girl friend, their relationship looks very good. One night when her friend hold another strange coquettish girl with pandora charm into the shop door, touching on Pandora, it was too late to dodge, after laughing awkwardly, they enter into a single room.
In the shop, Pandora also have see our acquaintance. When she told me, I was shocked: they are the people incredible to image. I finally did not like Pandora hoped, to his shop to experience life, I am really afraid of facing the life directly after actually faced disillusionment, my ideal and belief will be bankrupt. The shop of Pandora’s benefit is very good, but she suddenly decided to close up. She told me, one evening, she sat at the door of the shop, watching pandora bracelet, see the flow streams of people busily coming and going back and so forth, suddenly she had a feeling: life for what? what money I was to earn? That moment she decided to close it. Her work is also good, the wages is not low, she had enough money to live a rich life, why not put this busy? That night, she seems to have many problems to solve in mind.
She do not believe there is a simply feelings. But I believe. I believe that not all people are in pursuit of high official positions and riches, and not all the people live only for a pandora beads. I’m sure there are some beautiful soul also hides a simply feelings.

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Her voice was very soft

She came into my life when I was 11 years old, although I have graduated from primary school, should arrived in a sensible age, but lost the mom’s love my heart is how lonely and lonely also only one people can understand. When father yanked my brother and I went to her house, I was so unwilling! To know that” stepmother” these two words in my heart is the” Snow White” of the evil queen. Looking at the front of the small thin woman, and I don’t even want to call her” aunt”. My father dropped me and my brother and go. She is very natural, very warmly greeted me and my brother. Her voice was very soft, I can’t refused. My brother, his son and me,we three children listening to her command, under her guidance, less than five minutes we should pack a beautiful and refined dumpling. Brother and her son acquainted soon, just like a good friend to play up. When we sit at a table eating reeky dumpling soup, my heart would feel home’s warm.
As in Greek mythology, reach the world the first woman like pandora,She just walked into my life. She became my” stepmother” later, told me a lot about her experience. Although I didn ‘t feel too much, I also know that she was a poor woman. Her husband loss of life in a car accident when his son is only 3 yeas old, she lost of the source of earning,she had to sell her pandora charms like pandora charm and pandora bracelet. she was alone with her son after 8 years, until she met my father, they married. Although I can’t understand this 8 years how she survived, did she Just survive by selling pandora bracelets her mother left ? But the subconscious told me that she was” terrific”. And the fact proves that she is indeed have clever hands and good sense. She knitted me too many different colors of sweater. I wear a sweater, others will praised the color looks good. That year, my father and her wages are not high, to feed three children are really not easy. I remember every weekend, she would get a bucket of paint to brush the furniture ( earned a lot of money ). I admired her have a glib, I was stubborn, she taught me how to deal with people, what the people say that I need to say what kind of words.
Not personally, can also establish a true mother-daughter’s affection. I know that in her eyes, I am proud of her, she always praise me, as if I were her own daughter. Not to mention she often help me with my hair design, design fashion, buy beautiful pandora beads or pandora jewelry. By this point it let me call her” Mom”. But to say we are mother and daughter, rather we are friends. Every night, I always want to accompany her to take a walk, and that’s when I tell her I work with many unhappy, she will be help me to analyse, teach me to do.

I love her though she not a beautifull woman, but in my heart she shine the pandora jewellery, in my heart, she is a goddess. I’m not her own daughter, but I will treat her as her own daughter

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When we know

that friend is the most important thing in or life, we know that we need cherish them. We hope that the relationships between us and friends will be forever. People always say that it is easy to have a kind of relationship, but it is too hard to keep the relationship for long time. If you are so lucky to have the relationship and hold it for ever, you will find that you find the best beautiful wealth in the world. If you think that pandora is your favorite, believe me that friends are the most beautiful pandora charm. How to deserve a friendship forever?
In my mind, there are sever ways. First, when you wearing pandora charms or pandora bracelets meet a friend, you must show your best cherish sincere to her, and regard them as important as your Pandora. Have you ever heard that a sincere heart can exchange with another sincere heart. If you regard her as your friend, she will regard you as her friend. Second, she should show the most real yourself and share many things of you. Friends should share most things. If you do like this, she will also share most her things. There will not have a gap between you. Third, sometimes you should send something which you think is the most important for you to show the important friendship. Like pandora bracelet or pandora beads. And tell them that the relationship between you never fades its color and it is also the most charm thing. Forth, you should regard your friends’ thing as your own thing. You should be happy when your friend gets success and you should be sad when your friend lose something. When your friend gets something which you don’t have, you should be happy for her, you should remember that you should not be jealous your friend. You should be proud of your friend. Fifth, you should stay with your friend when she suffers great sad. When she is in trouble, you should be the first one to help her. You cannot look down your friend, because she is the one who cherish you best. So please regard them heart and soul. If you do like this, you will get the most shining thing in the world. It will exist with pandora jewelry. It never fades its color and can keep forever.

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It can make your life be full with charm

Friends is a sail of boat, it can bring you the safest island. Friend is a road sign, it can show you the clearest way. Friend is a tercel, it can take you the most beautiful sky. Friend is a pandora, it can light you life most darkest way. If you ask me what friend is? I will tell you that friend is just like pandora charms. It is necessary for you during your life. It can make your life be full with charm.
Life is a long way; it will meet many people during the way you go forward. Bubble says that you will meet a person, when you turn head back for five hundreds time preexistence. You can image that it is how hard to meet a person during your time. What an amazing thing that you meet many persons and only a few people become your friends. You must clear that you feel that you are the most charm woman when you wear pandora bracelets and pandora charm. It is as same as friend. When you have friends, you will feel that you must be the happiest people in the world. When you happy, you need some share it with you. She is your friend. When you want to buy pandora bracelet or pandora beads, you will need someone go with you. She is your friend. When you are sad, you need someone comfort with you. She is your friend. When you are sad, you also need someone cry with you, she is also your friends. We know that every time woman likes to talk. Perhaps they will talk nothing, but they just want to talk, who they can think of, I believe that she must be her girlfriend. You may say that woman can talks with their husband or their relatives. You must be wrong, because you don’t know woman. Many men are lack of patient and many things that they cannot talk with their relatives. So they prefer to talk with their girlfriends. They will talk everything that happens in their life. Even though something which is not worth mentioning but they like to talk and friend likes to listen. So does man. They also have many things that they want to say with their intimate person. They prefer to talk with their friends. Sometimes send your pandora jewelry or pandora jewellery to your friend and show that they are the most important people in your life. They are worth having them.

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