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During the American civil war

many young men volunteered for military service. You turned their minds to devote himself to the country. Among them there was a soldier called Mark Brown.
Shortly after he entered the army, had a book by a woman won, Mary pandora. A letter, the courage made him and security, has been added with the book. It surprised him that many soldiers in the army had received the same books from her. But no one wrote back Ms. Pandora expect mark. A few days later he received their reply. They had with each other letters though communicated for half a year.
In the difficult days of war, the intellectual backbone of him was the letters. You gave him courage, so that felt he himself was as solid as the pandora charms. When he was helpless, he read them again and again. Then, he felt as if he could survive. At that time he was sure that he loved her and she loved him. It seemed that the fate wanted to bring them together.
It was once, mark asked her for a photo in the letter, but she refused. She said: “If your feelings for me on the reality based, my looks not the crucial be.” No matter what I like, our love is true, search. We pose in two occasions. The first, I am a beauty. I get it, whether the reason that you love me is to take care of my beauty. The second, I’m ugly. They are suspicious of my love to you. You can check, I am so lonely, I talk with you just for fun. If you come to New York and you see me, then can we make our own decisions. I’ll send you a pair pandora bracelets as a souvenir. Keep in mind to stop both of us or to go, no matter what we choose. ”
They had seen each other previously. So once the war was over, they decided to have a date at a cafe. Mark waited for them there. His father was a businessman who the pandora charm. This time he was ready, send her a gift. His heart beat rapidly. He stood before her appearance in his mind.
Just at this time, a young woman he came to. She was thin and long, was her long hair down on her back. Had large eyes, and her mouth was like a cherry. She wore a pair of pandora bracelet. It apparently was lured with her. But he controlled himself.
An old woman came on mark after a while. She was looked as if she was over forty years old. Her hair was grey, and she was a little fat. But she was wearing the Pandora bracelets the same as the one Ms. Pandora had him sent to. It was no wonder that the old woman that he was eager for a long time had to see. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He felt as if his heart into pieces was broken.
In the other hand, Mrs Pandora the woman was, whose minds had encouraged him. She was a nice person. He got up and went in the direction of the woman. “I am Mark Brown.” It gives me a pleasure to meet you. Could a dinner with me “the woman smiled and said:” Lady with Pandora earrings asked me to take the bracelets. Here is a ring with a pandora beads. She says, it is yours. You waiting for you in the great restaurant opposite on the other side of the road. “Mark took the ring and ran to the restaurant.”
In the restaurant, mark took out two pandora jewelry and asked her to marry him. Pandora accepted. Mark has successfully the test of love. Actually, it was true love.

During the American civil war

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Martin is a student of the middle school

He’s a Sunshine Boy, and he is popular with his friends. He is very clever and beautiful. He travels people and like to chat.
One day he went with his friends to a venture into the mountain, that to have behind his house. The day before they drive off, was so amazing that Martin could not sleep because the mountain had never gone it before. And it has been said that it a monster in the deep mountain. Things were obviously pandora on Martin. Finally, she fell into sleep at night Center Martin.
In the morning they met, the Martin family, and then they rode their bikes to the mountain. After a long time, they got out the target. It was a beautiful Lake, they would have eaten their food and played games at the same time, they had a good time. After had a rest, they began to have a risk.
On the first day, they have found nothing, and they returned to the objective, they made a bonfire and a tent. The night was so beautiful and they song and danced around the campfire. They loved the feeling of freedom. Suddenly came a beautiful girl, she was so pretty. Her eyes looked like pandora charms and she had a slim and elegant in stature. No one noticed that they were in the mountains. Then they have the consciousness lost. The next day, Martin woke up, but he could not find it his friends everywhere. Suddenly, he thought about the girl he wanted to go home to some help. As a result could he find the way home. After a moment, he decided to save his friend by himself.
He went into the mountain and searched everywhere. Unknowingly, it was shot in dark. He was tired and hungry. Then he fell to sleep against a large rock. The girl appeared in his dream. See told him, on the road, behind the stone, then he would, go pandora bracelets, then is the Pearl would lead him, how it should proceed. After a while, he woke up and was looking for the beads. The beads said to him, that he was in a hole to go. The hole in the vicinity of the Lake, there were pandora charm were protected by a spirit. But the most important thing was to borrow it. Later, he found the hole and went to beg the spirit for the chain. The spirit was not pleased to give him, the spirit was also afraid that he not return him back, but the chain has been with the people. Martin wrote to guarantee a paper return. And Martin, said to take the chain, the girl, the pearls that he dreamed to find. The girl was in the deep mountain lived.
On the third day he went for a long time. He was so tired that he not go. He wanted something to eat to look. Then, he found a home in the corner of the mountain. He went to the House and he saw, there were some fruit and food on the table, he asked whether it answered a host but no one, then he took some of them to eat. Suddenly, he saw the picture on the wall. The image was the girl. Your pandora bracelet were so bright and moved him deeply. The girl in the picture tells him that she wanted to be free, she wanted to go out from the image. Asked Martin to pandora beads to find in the Lake. Then the magic of Crystal Pandora is she would save and Martin’s friends.
Marin tries be best to find the chain. He went back to the House and put the chain on her neck, and then the miracle happened. The girl and his friends were rescued. Then they went quickly back home.
Last, the girl left all the things, but in Martin’s case, it spent flowers pandora jewelry.

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After saying this

“Now we depart each other, and I will be at the same place waiting for you. If you can find me, then I will agree with you to marry with you.” Rachael said in the telephone. After saying this, she begins to leave. Watching her leaving, Richard falls into sadness. Here he is standing is the place they met each other. Where does he can find Rachael? In fact, he does not know. But he just knows that here is he met Rachael. And so he falls into ponder. Richard goes straight along the road and look for his girlfriend Rachael. “Look, there is pandora store. Look at my pandora charms. It is send by my boyfriend. The next month we will marry each other. I am so happy.” Hearing this, Richard raises his head and sees the store which is ahead of him. Seeing this, Richard has fall into mind. Rachael has told him she likes pandora bracelets very much. So as her boyfriend, Richard once bought Pandora jewelers to Rachael. He remembers that on the day that they knew each other one month, the pandora charm he bought for her as the commemoration. And then they have been together with each other, and as the knowing deeper and deeper, Richard has found he has loved Rachael day by day. If the former they just know the other, but now he knows he loves her. So the day before yesterday, Richard bought the pandora bracelet to Rachael as the gift to ask her to marry him. Thinking of this, Richard goes to the store in a hurry and he feels that he must find something in the Pandora store. Seeing the store ahead of him, Richard has some hesitate to enter the room because he is afraid of nothing he will find. Actually, Rachael is in the store now. And she is just watching the Pandora jewelers in the store, and also in her mind Rachael does not know what the real ideas. Since the day she has been hurt by the accident, Rachael has lost all her memory of the past time, but the only thing left in her mind is just the Pandora store. So she does not know what the feelings she has in her heart to Richard. But she thinks that the Pandora store must be the very important thing in her life. Suddenly she sees a pandora beads in the show window that is like the ornament wearing in her neck. Rachael remembers that it is called pandora jewelry that Richard once told her. Seemly she feels this is given by Richard. And at the same time there is something about Richard coming into her mind. While seeing the jewelers in the store, Rachael is walking around the store. While the longer she is walking there, there are the more memories coming into her mind. Rachael then thinks of her and Richard once came here before. And there are some fragments coming into her mind. Although the impressions are not linked together, they are the real feelings in her thought. At last, the whole past comes into her mind. Rachael has thought of everything between Richard and her in the past time. The Pandora necklace is given by Richard as his protections for her. At this time, the man she really wants to see is Richard who is she really loves. So she goes out of the store in a hurry. Just at this time, Richard is there now and he has made the decision to enter. The first man Rachael sees is Richard and she begins to be crying and she hugs the man she loves. The love is back Richard thinks in his mind.

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Elena is the woman

who is very beautiful and smart. She has a dream to be a great artist and she wishes to have the perfect life. Now Elena has an opportunity to play the leading role in the new play Seeing U at the Next Crossing. The new play gives us a special story about the marriage. The roles meet at the pandora store, and they have changed the contacting methods. With the association they have been with each other, they fall into love day by day. During the days they have been together, the boy in the play boys some pandora charms to the girl in the new play. One day they make a decision to meet at the place where they met first. On the day the boy is ready to propose to the girl. Actually the boy wants to propose the girl with the pandora bracelets which has been ready by the sellers. Otherwise the accident happened. At that time, the pandora charm in the hands which is the gift given to him by the girl. He is ready to give it to the girl as the former propose. But now all the things are changed by the accident. The girl is waiting in the store all day, but she does not see the boy again. She will never know the boy has been in the hospital while she is waiting in the Pandora store and there is nobody known whether the boy could wake up again or not. The girl fosters the pandora bracelet and she thinks that the boy must have something important to do. So though she has been a little sad, she still has the confidence for the boy. She knows she should wait him forever till he comes to see her. In the following time, the girl every month will come here to wait the boy. Though the result is always upset for her, she will always wait, too. Suddenly one day she meets a man, who is very like the boy, but he does not know her, in fact since the boy wakes up again he has lost the memory to his past. When the girl knows this, she knows she should not tell the boy the truth between them because the boy has had his life now. And she goes not want to change his life. But at last, before they see again at the next crossing, there are many things happened in their life. The boy thinks of the girl and they live together again. At that time, the pandora beads the boy bought to the girl again. When Elena has read the whole play, she is moved by the story. And she thinks of herself. Since her school time, there is a man she has loved for so long time and they never meet each other again. Actually she wants to see him again, but she knows there is no chance that the thing can happen. Tomorrow is the issue for the new play. The place to hold the issue is Pandora store which is Elena meets the boy the last time. She thinks tomorrow may be the special day. The wish she has is … At the new play reporting, the reporter has asked something about the new play, but at last, the question is what the Mr. Right in your mind, Elena. These words have recalled the memory of Elena. Just for a moment, she says: I will never see him again. Over this, she stands up and leaves with the other players.

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concentrate on Andrew Luck Jersey winning

“He was a boost for us,” linebacker and North Face Outlet Store captain Lorenzo Alexander said after Nike Ravens Jersey the gameThe Jacoby Jones Jersey Colts (9-5) had won three straight Aaron Rodgers Jersey games and needed a Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping win to clinch a playoff berth a year after going 2-14 in 2011I think we have good game plans going into it Playmakers need the ball in their handsThe Patriots and the Texans are the only two offenses ranked in the top 10 in yards rushing and Cheap NFL Jerseys passing We were able to make some plays on the ball in Justin Tucker Jersey the air, and Michael Oher jersey that gave us a chance Frazier said the day after the Vikings won in St “That’s the decision they went with and I J.J. Watt Jersey respect that So too, the whole Middle East mustache thing (with proper amounts of Jack Daniels)


You wonder if the Texans will back off as wellC who joined the club last Sunday The throw that he made to [Jerricho] Cotchery on the sideline on the second or maybe last play of the game was a throw Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal with great velocity Torrey Smith Jersey and Brian Urlacher Jersey accuracyWe treat it like the Hunger Games,s His in-game coaching skill appears to have improved, and I think Sunday’s game showed the kind of cool-headed crunch-time decision-making that was lacking a year ago But what Griffin III lacks in passing yardage, he makes up for with 714 yards on the ground and six touchdowns through 13 games Somebody else is always affected “That’s how we have to look at it


The biggest reason [for Spiller Jacksonville Jaguars: Damontre Moore, DE, Texas A&MMoore is a do-it-all defensive end He wants to Arian Foster Jersey really concentrate on Andrew Luck Jersey winning this game The idea of him using PEDs is ridiculous “I just told myself to stay relaxed and `You don’t have to put on too much juice, but make Torrey Smith Jersey sure you get thereThe Vikings (8-6) scored 10 of their 23 points in the second quarter off turnovers by Sam Bradford, including a Andre Johnson Jersey 29-yard interception return by Charles Tillman Jersey defensive end Everson Griffen It’s going to be cold and there is expected to be some heavy wind going on in Terrell Suggs Jersey this game The Tim Jennings Jersey Packers offensive line isn

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Demon has exhausted

“Now, she is just a shell. If you want to make her a real resurrection, we must find more pandora.” Vampire Alice said. Alice is a vampire with a 400-year life. In the vampire family, the longer of the age, the stronger of the ability, so Alice’s words is right. “Why? Why does not she have been born again? Why does she just a dead body?” The vampire Demon who is very sad asks. Demon is Elizabeth’s boyfriend, and Elizabeth is the girl who is lying in the bed. Since the death of Elizabeth, Demon has exhausted all means to make her back. When he heard that use the pandora charms which can recover Elizabeth’s body, Demon immediately found it. Finally racking hardships he found, however ultimately he never thinks that Elizabeth is still just one body without a spiritual, just a zombie. He has paid so much, Demon is very sad; he felt a loss at the past. “Because Elizabeth has lost her soul, to find pandora bracelets can only recover her body, the soul can not be done. If you want to make her truly born again, you must find variety of pandora charm to give her new soul and recover her psychic powers, at last she will have the true body, and what means the really resurrected life, otherwise what you have done is all meaningless. ”While feeding a pill to Elizabeth, Alice said. “That’s how to find a variety of Pandora jewelry which has various psychic powers?” Demon eagerly asks. “As far as I know, on the highest mountain top in the world there is a pandora bracelet, it can help restore physical activities to Elizabeth. But there are a lot of werewolves who watch the bracelet in the top guard, because this bracelet is left by the werewolf ancestral. So if you want to get it, it is a very difficult thing to you. “Alice sighed. “As long as Elizabeth can recover and rebirth, even want my life, I would give.” Finish, Demon immediately sets off to find Pandora bracelet. When the Demon gets there, he quietly enters the hilltop. Suddenly he sees a beam of light; Demon thinks surely that emitted by pandora beads light. So he wants to get this silver bracelet, however accidentally, a stone falls down to the ground, sparking a bunch of noise. Poorly, it must disturb the werewolf this idea sparks in the mind of Demon, he must get it in a hurry. Demon accelerated the rate of climb the hill. Just then, the werewolves suddenly appeared in front of Demon. “Demon, we have always kept space between you and us, now you come here and do you know you have broken the rules?” Werewolf Jack asks angrily. “I just want to borrow the Pandora bracelet to help my girlfriend regained consciousness. I hope you can lend it to me.” “How could that be? It is impossible to give it to you!” Jack becomes crazy. As Jack does not like to lend it to Demon, Demon has no choice to fight to Jack. Finally, Demon defeated Jack, and he brings the Pandora bracelet to Elizabeth. Alice and Demon have been successful to restore the activities of Elizabeth. Under the guidance of Alice, then Demon finds other Pandora silver: pandora jewelry which helps Elizabeth to regain consciousness, as well pandora jewellery which help to restore the growth of the body of Elizabeth, tomorrow is the day that to complete the rebirth of Elizabeth, Demon thinks that in his mind. I wish tomorrow comes early, Demon prays silently in the heart.

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Alice buys her favorite

At the pandora jewelry store, Alice sees a lot of Pandora jewelry; and the staffs introduces these one by one to Alice. Alice buys her favorite pandora charms. At night, Alice goes to sleep early after she has been washed. Soon she falls into a heavier sleep than before. When she is sleeping, Alice falls in the dream. And in the dream, Alice finds she goes to one place that she has never seen. Almost everyone there wears pandora bracelets, and there all the goods are not traded with money, but barter. What she has is just Pandora charm, Alice gains her another Pandora jewelry- Pandora chain which is her first pay and gains by her hard work. Then Alice goes to the downtown wearing the pandora charm, and she meets Lucy, who is wearing Pandora bracelet and very beautiful. As the young girls, Lucy and Alice become close friends quickly. And then they go along the street together. In the street, Alice met a lot of strange things. When Alice and Lucy go to a shop, Alice feels very familiar with the things. However Alice can not say out what the special things are. “Alice, come here and look at this article bread, it is so nice.” Heard her name shouted by Lucy, Alice walks around to Lucy, and holds up the beads. Originally, this bread is the pandora bracelet which she saw the piece of Pandora bread in the Pandora jewelry store. Because when she decided to buy her own Pandora charm, Alice had no idea to choose which one and so she was impressed particularly to it. Even having seen it, so Alice uses her own Pandora chain to exchange this Pandora bread, and she gives it to Lucy as the gift, Lucy is very happy. So Lucy sends her Pandora bracelet to Alice. Finally, in the evening, Alice and Lucy go back home which is the home of Lucy. Lucy introduces Alice to her mother; Lucy’s mother welcomes the arrival of Alice very much. And Lucy’s mother shows her warm hospital to Alice. And the mother does a lot of local specialties to Alice. At dinner, Alice asks Lucy’s mother why everyone here is wearing with pandora beads. Lucy’s mother tells her that it was because there was a monster in the past and later a god helped them to defeat the monster. At last, the god defeated the monster successfully. Later the god wanted to bless them for the peace, and so the god changed himself into the Pandora necklace to protect them. To commemorate what the god had done for them, therefore now everyone has Pandora with themselves in the whole village. After the meal, and then Lucy and Alice go to Lucy’s bedroom and they talk about their own thing to each other. Alice tells many interesting things to Lucy. Alice tells Lucy that in her own society she has father and mother. And in her world, there are many jewelry stores and other food stores. The most different thing between her world and here is that if they want to have something, they should use money to buy them. Soon they talk over; Alice and Lucy fall asleep quickly. When she wakes up again, Alice finds herself lying on her own bed. And what her hands are wearing is pandora jewelry which is Lucy send to her. So Alice knows that she has a special adventure in the dream. And Alice gets up in a hurry to go to her school and she thinks that her classmates must admire her.

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and with both teams chasing a first

s cheers were deafening as Ryan Succop entered Cedar Creek Elementary in Lees Summit, Missouri on Tuesday afternoonGreen Bay had held him to 24 yards on two catches in their first meeting back in September, and the NFL’s receptions leader called the rematch “personal,” adding, Wholesale NFL Jerseys “But the Cheap Jerseys From China talk, you have to Eli Manning Jersey back it upShe called me every day A police report regarding an incident involving London Fletcher’s family at Cleveland Browns Stadium on Sunday differs from how the Washington Redskins linebacker described what happened while appearing on “NFL AM” on Monday Or, the Giants win, the Redskins, Vikings and Bears lose, and the Saints tieAnd the Jets (6-7) have a favorable closing stretch that Cheap NFL Jerseys includes games against teams with Von Miller Jersey losing records (Tennessee, San Diego and Buffalo)Staying with Luck, and a team Wholesale Jerseys with which he has developed an Ray Lewis Jersey indelible bond in the Nike Giants Jersey wake of Pagano’s illness, will be a strong pull on Arians He played like it, too


Giants, who were once 6-2 and can clinch this week, can be eliminated from playoff contention with a loss + Washington win + Dallas win + Seattle win/tie”Here are some other injury updates:Wide receiver Antonio Brown (ankle): Will be limited early in the week and is considered questionable “It’s a challenge, certainly The Bills have improved their Southern Ontario season-ticket base, opened up new promotional markets and begun the process of convincing the good people around Buffalo that keeping the team in Western New York means having to accept they are a regional entity now and that region extends up Victor Cruz Jersey to rival Toronto It was a penalty but I don’t believe he was intentionally trying to harm E He’s very confident in his approach The difference between the Aaron Rodgers Women’s Jersey “haves” and “have-nots” is as noticeable as ever, particularly in the AFC


“Josh Robinson intercepted Cutler on the next possession, returning the ball to the Chicago 5 to set up Peterson’s second Dan Marino Jersey touchdown Green Bay’s Mason Crosby missed two more field goals, and Charles Tillman forced a fumble by Ryan Grant that Nick Roach recoveredCBS scores big, Darren Mcfadden Jersey but not compared to last years when the Giants coach Whoelsale Jerseys China was told that, despite the demoralizing 34-0 shutout at the hands of the Falcons that afternoon, his team still controlled its own playoffs Jason Pierre Paul Jersey destiny a record-chasing San Francisco D-line; there’s a lot to chew on, and with both teams chasing a first-round bye, anything less Cheap Jerseys than a rightful showdown would be Clay Matthews Jersey a surprise”Smith is right in saying that the Falcons have been transparent about this being a year of change for their offensive philosophyFletcher said four of his family members were arrested and still in custody as of Monday afternoonWallace let a 50-yard pass that would have gotten Pittsburgh out of an early hole bounce harmlessly off his fingertips

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but no one left

The man is rich, and the rich man is always flirtations with girls. So the man has a lot of friends, but nobody had a man give his heart truly. “To coax his so-called friends happy, man sends more pandora to them. “Man doesn’t live anymore, how many pieces of pandora charms, that raised it to the so called his girlfriend. As a whole, what was the man ever done can coax the females happy, and the man feels very satisfied. Once in while, the man like a woman. The woman does not apply to the beautiful art belong, but the woman has the special temperament, and the other type which has MS and that the men have never seen. “And he gives the woman a pandora bracelets. Man thinks that the woman would that have done things like that, what other women, and then would the gift with the willingness to accept them and get themselves find you, to ask him to do his girlfriend. However, is the woman take not the gift, and she says the man that she wants true love, not the money. In the intellectual who has man never intended that he refused would be. So, what the woman said, his heart’s desire inspired, decides the man do to win the offensive ways to make the feelings of women. The man starts, buy the flowers for the woman. “Today the woman birthday come, sends the man to a pandora charm to the wife, this time not reject the woman, but she is still dissatisfied, the people to be the girlfriend because woman thinks that the man is not too long to insist on this matter. Then, one day, the woman is sick in the hospital. As the man heard this, later, he knows that the time comes. “Was the man to the hospital immediately goes and buys a pandora bracelet to the woman. What is even more important, the man hires to heal the best doctors in training for women. While the man is in the hospital, always with the wife, and eventually the woman moves from what the man has done. On the day it is good and is ready to leave the hospital, promised the woman to be his girlfriend. “The man sends a pair of pandora beads to the woman. In fact, every time the man makes a woman to be his girlfriend as a Lord, he sends a Pandora to them. What is the difference to the man it means breaking the relationship between him and the women, while women begin it to the new romantics means. So after sending the last gift, the man disappears. But shortly after the global financial crisis happens. The man not the business, and he goes bankrupt. Although the woman knows, the heart of the man did not belong to her, the woman still finds the man and gives him a box. The woman says that in the box are the gifts that the man you sent, and she tells the man that she sold as his seed capital and to recover. The man opens the box and has a look, it’s all that decorate Pandora article that he gave the woman in the last time. And then he sold the jewelry, and later by his struggle for success, finally he makes a comeback for the company. In this process, the man finds that he been in love with the woman. So after the success, the wife of the man is only girlfriend. “Finally was the man buys all pandora jewelry, which sold was again and it returns to women, they live happily.

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Catherine is an advertising producer

Today, she is just busy doing a great business, Catherine later goes home. Dragged her body to her home, Catherine sees the Windows of the House, without some light, and can not help me with a few strange feelings. “In preparing to go, Catherine, sees that besides jewelry store, the look is still in business, of” pandora shop “appeared before her. Suddenly, she is impulse to see the stock. So Catherine is transformed and goes to the store. “Clerk is enthusiastic on pandora charms to Catherine to introduce. When listening to the writer, introduction, Catherine will enjoy of Pandora’s ornaments, which are available in the window. Shortly thereafter, Catherine sees a bracelet. “Catherine, says the employee that this bracelet called pandora bracelets. In the course of the global, the company has limited to only select 1001 pieces that are specifically designed for couples designed to release, symbols of Trinidad. Catherine continued on other jewels look, suddenly she sees some decorate articles that are with the bizarre forms, so Catherine asks one of the writers choose this gem and she had a look of hired edges of jewelry out of the window. “Praises the writer, Catherine t she has vision in the jewelry industry, that pandora charm, which the President in memory is on by one of the box of souvenirs and specialized production the anniversary, and this jewelry has magic, a man can do that, which is far away from the disaster to protect. Catherine feels that it decides very specific sounds, and they, they only decorate to buy items, as a reward for their daily work. Just then, the voice of 21.00 sounds of the branch watch published and it is the time to close the door. At this time Catherine has discovered that they spent an hour in the store, and so she leaves quickly the jewellers shop. When Catherine got home, the whole House is still black. “Power off?” Impossible, right now the jewelry shop is still a light switch? At this moment, the House suddenly lit a small light, Catherine scare. The original reason that today’s birthday is Catherine, like Catherine’s friend, Jack in a fine box in his hand with a smile on his face. Catherine opens the box and look inside. “There are a Pandora, in the pandora bracelet price is seen. “Come on, let them carry me on you.” Jack says, and bears the chain on Catherine. Strange things have happened at this moment. Although the chain significantly on Catherine’s neck has been as long as Jack release one, then it will automatically fall down. The necklace, look not on speaking can be Catherine’s face became pale, how was that? Could it be really launched with the devil? Catherine shouts on. Originally, a year ago, Catherine derived from a car through a junction with the fast speed, so they knocked over a little girl. Although it had taken over the girl to a hospital in the end, the girl died. A necklace was wearing at the time of the little girl’s neck. Catherine escaped from the hospital. Catherine called in hopeless. Jack goes next to her and they embraced for a long time. Then Jack looks Catherine and says: “to surrender it to and I’ll accompany you.” If you should finally be sentenced to a penalty, I would go to jail to see you for your birthday. And at that time, I bring you the Pandora chain, until then you have to send certainly click it. “Catherine looks and watches of Jack’s sincere eyes, and she nods.”

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