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I why want to abolish death penalty against corrupt officials

Recently, in UGG boots the draft amendments to the criminal law (8) is meeting, whether death penalty should be abolished malfeasants launched fierce debate. Abolished the death penalty, is always certain corrupt official monographs, but how the scholars walked into the national legislature? Careful review, since HuChangQing since the ChengKeJie, WangHuaiZhong, zheng xiaoyu, the WenJiang, not to corrupt officials were sentenced immediate execution), (money-box. For corruption is sentenced to death, and even less. Asked how many officials or citizens still remember the provisions of criminal law: the personal corruption in 10 yuan, the if the circumstances are especially serious, he shall be sentenced to death and also to confiscation of property.

But today’s situation is, if a corrupt official involved only 10 million Internet users, the amount that would he is honest. “” executing As the fall of famous “diary of tobacco, Mr Han of hundreds of thousands of yuan, unexpectedly is a network survey, more than 90% of netizens cognizance of Korea’s” official “. In recent years, some of the official corruption lok ma amount to “billion” calculation easily. As the “three cheap ugg boots on sale most recent exposure female” LuoYaPing, involving a value up to $1.45 billion. The original land resource bureau of fushun city in liaoning province, the city precinct chief for the lowest level of “the commission for discipline inspection instructions, amount, the worst”. But to emerge in endlessly corruption case, “three most” is a legend, in reality, not only the most severe worse. From the legal economics analysis, since most 100,000 yuan; but death sentence with a reprieve, 10 million yuan; most also only death sentence with a reprieve, why not greed 10 billion yuan?

Therefore, the death penalty for malfeasants to retain the death penalty for malfeasants to also need. If a death of design, but unwilling to use, shelf of the deterrent threat of corrupt officials is greatly abate. As a deterrent to death without penalty abolition of corrupt officials, the reason, says no past. Corrupt officials and not a philosopher, life can be excluded. For most of the criminal law of the people’s threat, that a UGG Classic Cardy Boots few elite, into the criminal law would not need to restrict or deterrence.

There is no denying that the death penalty abolition deterrent against death opinion pressure also malfeasants cannot ignore. Why abolished the death penalty of corrupt officials are still again and again, the real reason that we may not already familiar “humanitarian, civilization, international convention slogans such as”. But lies more pragmatic considerations. I spent several hours to find abolish death penalty of corrupt officials and draw the following three I think the most important. Might as well have a look and analysis.

An argument that abolishing death, can effectively prevent the corrupt official malfeasants breakout. China’s criminal law to corrupt officials, first to corrupt officials can escape from death countries. Naked officer. Is one of the best phenomenon, The reason, but not tenable plausible. How to corrupt officials corruption? Probably not for charity, but to enjoy themselves. Even China abolished the death penalty and corrupt UGG Classic Crochet Boots officials, life and death sentence with a reprieve as punishment of imprisonment. None of these malfeasants to withstand any a kind of punishment, if only to confiscation of property. If the death penalty abolition of corrupt officials can be conveniently extraditing corrupt officials, lai is disproving – in our country has a clear commitment not seek the death penalty, with other judicial system lai still continues in Canada live. “” Lai, but he not malfeasants represents the most venal of psychological thoughts. Flee away, want me back, no punishment active!

Another argument is that abolishing death, can effectively prevent the corrupt official legal jails, Netizens put this point of view, marvelous. Then, the disadvantages of corruption case or nest is mostly string. In order to prevent “pull”, with radish somecorrupt officials must die. If there is no death, “kill” is not legal. This is also a false problem. Because of the death sentence to corrupt officials, next only. No death, worthy of UGG Classic Mini Boots corrupt officials will be “peek-a-boo as”. Prevent corrupt officials is the best way to kill lawful, still should soon perfect witness system, and perfecting the witness protection system.

There is a popular view, abolished the death penalty, can effectively prevent the corrupt official system. Some legal experts put forward a proposition is the background, corruption is not personal problems, but the problem of system. Who will sit malfeasants that position, will corrupt. The death penalty should not prevent the corruption of the system, not those of officials. Change system, Distinguish system of responsibility and liability, officials itself is very meaningful. Again, if no harsh punishment FangTan relatively perfect match, also cannot contain system of corruption. Through the history of American law, they called corruption refers to the “bribe”, rather than “corruption”. Because the system is not allowed in public official corruption, officials also cannot under the supervision of corruption. But I still think, reserves and corrupt officials FangTan system, death is not a “alternative” relationship. The former to the latter does not constitute a block. FangTan system can advance, when UGG Classic Tall Patent Paisley Boots the system can really make official corruption, can prepare for malfeasants death also became a symbolic significance. Then said, get the support from the public.

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Sales of smart phones in Asia Pacific to grow by 2015

MANILA — The increase in the popularity of uggs on sale mobile Internet usage will boost demand for smart phones in Asia Pacific, technology consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan said in its study.

About 54 percent of mobile phones that will be sold in the region by 2015 will be smart phones, significantly higher than the 5 percent growth posted at the end of 2009.
This means that about 477 million units of smart phones will be sold in Asia-Pacific in 2015, and that incremental data usage from smart phones will generate over US$38 billion for operators in the Asia-Pacific region, up from UGG Handbags just over US$1.3 billion in 2009, the study showed.

Smart phones are usually capable of third-generation or 3G connections, which allow for faster mobile Internet connection speeds. The study highlights the possible exponential growth in mobile Internet usage, which telecommunication firms need to take advantage of.

“Smart phones are critical to every operator’s mobile broadband business case, as a smart phone user’s average revenue per user (ARPU) typically increased by 25 to 100 percent after adoption depending on the market,” Frost & Sullivan industry manager Marc Einstein said.

“The Asia-Pacific market is particularly interesting UGG Amelie Sandals for smart phones as there has been significant uptake in emerging markets like China, India and Indonesia, even among prepaid users,” he said.

The firm said Asia-Pacific smart phone sales is rapidly increasing in all markets, as developed countries like Japan and South Korea are switching from feature phones to smart phones, while operators in emerging economies are pushing smart phones to entice users to upgrade from 2G to 3G service.

Mobile social networking has also proven to be a big driver of smart phone adoption in all Asian countries, Frost & Sullivan said.

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Requirements for Military Car Loans

Military auto loans are the best alternative to search while you’re looking to purchase a new auto. Military service workforces have the chance to avail a loan without having to go through a boring process. For number of military service employees, it could be tough to establish steady credit ratings, as their jobs order transfer on a regular basis. Bearing in mind that detail, a few lenders are willing to cut some slack for borrowers under auto loans for military personnel program.

Necessities for Military Auto Loans
Even though military car loans are intended at making the process easy for military service employees, there’re definite fundamentals for the loans. The criterion to be accepted for military auto loans have been framed bearing in mind the lifestyle of present soldiers. Things such as frequent transfer, late payments due to a service call from abroad or not having credit cards from, for instance, department stores are overlooked. An average credit rating with valid reasons for failure to continue steadiness is good enough to get eligible for these loans. These days, it is also possible to get same-day auto loans for military.

Collateral Security
To the extent collateral security for the loan is measured, the automobile itself serves the intention. The lender wants a guarantee that the candidate lives in one of the 50 states. This is to make the procedure of get back the auto simple in case the borrower defaults on the loan. As the automobile serves as part of the security, the further part is the paycheck and income of the candidate. The amount earned with fine points of other debt obligations are taken into account as dealing out the application. If the candidate has a lot of credit issues yet earns sufficient to make the payment, then there would be no uncertainty from the lender’s side to offer the loan.

Get a Fast, FREE, No Obligation Quote For Military Personnel

Alternatives to Explore
As a new car drops the value after some years of use, it’s a better thought to decide on a used car that has been maintained well. This way, the repayment for the loan amount could come down considerably as you also get a good deal buying an about new car. If you have a substantial amount prepared for a down payment, you could decrease the amount you borrow to trim down the burden of high monthly payments.

Few lenders offer guaranteed auto loans for military personnel with lower rate of interest. Nonetheless, this completely depends on your employment record. As a military employee, if you’re having a clean record, there’re no grounds for your loan to be denied.

As applying for a military auto loan, make certain you keep copies of all essential documents prepared. Have proof of income, an employment track record and credit particulars, for instance. Remember that organized documentation could go a long way in solving your financial problem, and its relevance to obtaining auto loans for military is no exemption.

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Li Ning and Turner signed second place to complete

Li Ning and Turner signed second place to complete sub- office to help state-owned enterprises want to open a new era of showAir yeezy
when we talk about the famous basketball supplies brands, basically to NIKE and ADIDASES mainly these two brands in the past several decades has occupied most of China ’s high-end Market , then why whenever we mention the top-level basketball that is , when supplies of these ” outsider “rather than our domestic brands such as Li Ning and so on . The situation now , on to a number of sporting goods companies down to the students, are all these foreign brands have a very clear understanding , but we rarely refer to our domestic brand in the U.S. market in the end how ? Concept in the American consumer , the Li Ning brand occupies what position? We have not spoken about .Air Jordan 1

CNBC recently reported that the American media , the Chinese famous brand – second place in this year’s show Li Ning and Evan Turner completed a multi-year contract . Li Ning brand, which will be a landmark change , but even China’s sports brands will have a great impact . First of all, Turner is so far the only one Li Ning Company signed a potential star player in the league , followed by the first time since signing with the sporting goods company , is a ” sub- office to sign , ” Furthermore, this is including the horse Grams , including many sports brand in China signed a ” sub- office star . “Air Jordan 2

Turner ’s arrival will definitely give the Chinese basketball market supplies in the United States changed , this is why? The reason is simple , because Turner is a potential star , like Shaquille O’Neal and Baron Davis and other veterans , old age has been a warrior , and Turner is the first company to complete the signing of basketball products , which Li Ning In terms of whether the company is developing a strategic plan or from the market after both opened a lot of precedent .Air Jordan 3

In the past few years, Li Ning and other companies in order to open the U.S. market , they have signed a few players speak for the meaning of some dead end . O’Neal and Davis signed with Li Ning , Peak and Shane Battier and Jason Kidd signed a contract with Kevin Garnett and Francis ANTA contracted , these players are far from over gas , but have been compared to Turner is not a Brilliant future, but more importantly, several brands of China signed a contract that is not their ” sub- office to sign , “while Turner is different , the contract is sub- office of his career to sign .Air Max Tn 10

After the completion of both sides signed , it means starting from the next season will wear Li Ning Hou Tena brand ’s boots in the NBA arena , flanked by the Li Ning brand will also witness the rising stars from immature to mature , if Turner has been able to Development imaging such superstar Kobe Bryant , then there must be Li Ning brand medals on half . Li Ning, the significance of this is far from a simple text description .Air Max 89

Li Ning, the first development in the United States where is Portland , where have their flagship stores . In order to expand the brand ’s sales volume in the U.S. market , Turner wearing Li Ning brand in the future would certainly attend more meetings and the basketball carnival , etc. , will be more involved with customers and fans to meet activities. Also , another thing to note is that Turner ’s agent, David Fork , but a well-known broker , of course, Michael Jordan is his account will one of the owners , and became known as Air Jardan series is also from his And the hand of NIKE Inc. , which Turner and the addition of Li Ning Company’s development layer of protection .Shox 309 NZ Mesh

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Significant advantage of online sports online shopping

Significant advantage of online sports mall , online shopping sports equipment into the mainstream !air jordan

With the 2008 Olympic Games successfully held in China , sports and fitness has gradually become a hot topic in the national fitness program vigorously carry out the same time , more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of sports and fitness and put into them ; another , ” Sports and fitness in preparation before , a good exercise equipment is essential , and in the time of purchase sports equipment , quality, price, brand influence and so are the consumers have to consider factors , along with e-commerce China ’s rapid development , some excellent B2C online sports mall fast as Olympic Sports City (,-120.00,-1.52%)G = ADS1000300003) also because of its reliable quality , reasonable price, purchase process convenient advantages stand out , showing good momentum of development , more and more consumers of all ages. Online sports shop then why do so popular ? Based on an Olympic city in-depth understanding of fast movement and research , found an online sports mall the following advantages:Nike Air Max Shoes

Quality assurance: selling only authentic sports products

Consumers when making any purchase decision , first consider the quality of product , quality price cheap substandard products are useless . Online sports shop in the variable quality of today ’s environment, the Austrian city of fast movement has been insisting on the quality of products strictly adhere to only sell genuine . All goods sold are authorized to store all the positive goods brand goods , all goods of the original box packing , hang tags, bar code and its annexes are no different with the store , and provide shop inspection commitment to leave a compensable 10 ! No fakes the audience truly , fundamentally to protect the interests of consumers , this is also an online shop can be any prerequisites for success .Nike Air Jordan Shoes

Price advantage: maximum faiths

Line with the traditional physical store compared to its online mall stores do not rent , operating costs are relatively low. This is also the main consumers choose one of the reasons online shopping . And an online sports mall order to make bigger, in ensuring the quality of its products under the premise of the price advantage is crucial in this regard , the city promised that all Olympic sports season fast new sports equipment prices nationwide Minimum , because of its purchase orders directly from the brand , it can be cheap compared with the national stores to six fold to 7.5 fold , while the part of the over quarter due to product specials , breaking codes , or a variety of promotional activities , the minimum can go to 2 fold Such a price, naturally attracted numerous fans to come online shopping Taobao ; Olympic Sports City, this fast to maximize the faiths of the practice of zero profits is the main factor in its success .air jordan shoes

Most all the fastest : product design all shelves fast!

Although Motion City Olympic Movement Online Shopping Mall , but the whole of its product range and new shelves faster than their classmates line store , all new all purchase orders directly from the brand , and specialty stores nationwide simultaneous listing This also ensures that consumers can buy their favorite first product , while Olympic Motion Sports City has with Nike ( Nike ), Adidas ( Adidas ), Lining ( Li Ning ), Butterfly ( Butterfly ), Callaway ( Callaway ), speed ratio Tao (Speedo) , and many other well-known brand supplier of long-term supply agreement signed , and is constantly expanding their own brand type, make product range to meet the diverse needs of different consumers . Online sports mall to succeed, in style should do so in order to keep his advantage.Air Max

Heavy promotion : perennial promotion faiths .

In product promotion , the Austrian city of fast movement can be said to be spared the article , in addition to the long-term audience free shipping promotions , but also introduced new 7.5 fold + discount + discounted 2 points + every 60 days to send decreased by 0.2 fold + VIP minus 0.2 fold of the multi- none other promotional activities. At the same time , each quarter there will be different every month , targeted promotional activities, such as is currently being held : buy shoes, get socks , over 300 by August 30 , at least 500 by 50 and a series of promotional activities, the real Vacate the benefits of consumers, the real profits to the consumers. This further increases the consumer ’s purchasing power .Air Max shoes

It is because of rapid movement similar to Olympic city of such a guarantee the best quality , lowest price , the design is complete shelves quickly, coupled with its convenient online shopping advantages, advantages of online sports mall gradually prominent in the ever- meet Consumer demand, online shopping sports equipment are bound to become a mainstream consumer trends . Online Shopping Mall will also achieve better development . air shox shoes

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today is 40 years old retired and return is perfect

Some time ago, socially popular before retirement age 30, many young people who “dream”. What is this model, Michael Jordan’s back 10

years ago, 30 years old of birthday, scored after half a year
He decided to win a basketball, though, because the father retired, but Jordan air jordanstill have

passed away enough reasons, some even ignore the fans. But Jordan came Kansas City Chiefs Jerseysback, which made
To the old, ten years, Jordan with the new epic performance, that is not rare, but powerful and unconstrained style of basketball

inclusive. If not, he will return Jordan is sealed in memory of the gods
But now Michael Jordan is the real heroes of real life.

Retirement and return it twice twice forMiami Dolphins Jerseys

basketball that proved Jordan unusual feeling, he occasionally hope their lives are no longer ruled by basketball, he does not love Minnesota Vikings Jerseysothers will always be in contact with his

Together, but for others, but thanks to Michael Jordan of kindness, no choice. Basketball to Jordan too many things, he felt so lucky,

even hide himself in other aspects,New England Patriots

Jerseys like to choose
Wars of Jordan and picked up the bat, golf clubs, but fate had to Jordan New Orleans Saints Jerseysand basketball tightly linked together.

38 decided to return, Jordan and basketball fun but heavier, more important purpose is to teach his mantle, and Jordan without

hesitation. Indeed, Jordan has nothing to pursue, because
He is perfect, if any, that is to the NBA is more perfect. He New York

Giants Jerseysdoesn’t expect the players now have his body, in fact now many players’ physical quality and even more than Michael Kids NFL JerseysJordan, but Jordan for him
The understanding and feelings about basketball players can be accepted, this is a kind of spirit.

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Best Way to Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Due to the economic slump, several people have come under bad financial conditions and are facing debts or have become jobless are bound to think about Debt Settlement to survive in this time of economic crisis. This is believed as the best ever method to Debt Elimination. Besides being fast it is also the reasonable method to eliminate your debts. As a result of hardship time, the creditors become ready to negotiate for the deal rather than not getting anything at all.

You can eliminate or get rid of all your debt in 2 to 3 years with the help of debt consolidation program. According to the statistical report, if the person pays off the minimum amount on his debts regularly then it would take a long 30 years for him to overcome his debts. On the other hand, by non profit debt consolidation service you can completely become free from your unsecured debts and at last you will save up with almost 50% of your rates of interest and any other charges.

Get Free Debt Consolidation Quote Online

free debt consolidation quote

Bargaining debt is a technique, which takes the same part on the side of the lenders and the borrowers. Moreover, in this matter the borrower pays off a considerable amount of their debt to the lenders rather than not paying anything to them if the debtor chooses to become bankrupt. In addition in case of unsecured credit debt the debtors become anxious on bad of their asset. Hence, a unsecured debt settlement program becomes useful in such conditions.

You must choose for the best option. It would be better to file a case of bankruptcy; if you terminate a plan to close your debts in more than 3 years. To avail the benefit from such conditions you are required to achieve your savings up to 2 years. You would not be given assurance from any of the cheap debt consolidation solution firm to get a complete release from all your creditor’s harassing calls though they would try to completely decrease in number. Moreover, no firm can guarantee you for the total amount of debt settlement; they only attempt to make all efforts to make the amount affordable to the debtors by providing the best deal amount.

Above all, in such circumstances your credit status gets influenced unfavorably. This is caused due to the lesser total amount to be paid by you to your creditors. You are required to pay off regularly bills to remain on your score but your score may decreases to the amount which were not at all before formerly if you have gone through with your debt settlement process.

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U.S. Sanctions Aim at N. Korean Elite

WASHINGTON — The latest target for the United States, as it tries to tighten the screws on North Korea, is a shadowy party organization, known as Office 39, which raises hard currency to buy fine liquor, exotic food and luxury cars for cronies of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-il.

The Obama administration on Monday singled out Office 39 as one of several North Korean entities that it says are engaged in illicit activity — fleshing out new sanctions that were first announced in July by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton during a visit to South Korea.

Wholesale Oakley Sunglasses Under a new executive order, the United States will try to choke off the flow of luxury goods into North Korea, which officials say Mr. Kim uses to buy the loyalty of the political elite, as well as the sale of conventional weapons by the North. The Treasury Department also designated entities suspected of trafficking in nuclear technology, using existing authority.

“We need to send a signal to the North that provocative behavior will not go unpunished,” said Robert J. Einhorn, the State Department’s special adviser on arms control and nonproliferation issues. “They are not directed at the people of North Korea, but at their leaders.”

Wholesale POLICE Sunglasses The administration finds itself at something of a crossroads in its North Korea policy: determined to keep up the pressure on the North, while starting to question whether and when to engage the government. A wide range of outside experts have counseled Mrs. Clinton to restore some contact, contending that the sanctions have done little to change North Korea’s behavior and that the impasse is becoming increasingly dangerous.

The administration’s moves came as Mr. Kim returned from a mysterious visit to China last week, during which he met with President Hu Jintao.

The North Korean leader passed up an opportunity to meet former President Jimmy Carter, who was in Pyongyang, the North’s capital, to win the release of a jailed American citizen. Mr. Kim’s decision puzzled administration officials and North Korea experts.

Wholesale PRADA Sunglasses Among the possible explanations, said one official: North Korea is now so economically and politically dependent on China that Mr. Kim felt that he could not afford to delay a planned visit to China. Then, too, Mr. Carter was not carrying any diplomatic message from the Obama administration, which may have made it easier for Mr. Kim to skip the meeting.

In a letter to Congress on Monday, President Obama said the new sanctions were justified after North Korea’s “unprovoked attack” in March on a South Korean warship, the Cheonan, which killed 46 sailors; as well as its nuclear and missile tests, and a variety of other illicit activities.

Eager to demonstrate solidarity with South Korea, Mrs. Clinton previewed the measures during a visit to Seoul with Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, in which he announced joint American-South Korean military exercises. At the time, though, officials had few details.

Wholesale Givenchy Sunglasses On Monday, the Treasury filled in the blanks, designating five entities and three individuals linked to weapons of mass destruction. Some of these entities, like the Korea Taesong Trading Company, have already been sanctioned, either by the State Department or the United Nations Security Council.

Mr. Obama, in his new executive order, identified two entities and one individual suspected of involvement in conventional arms sales. The best known is the Reconnaissance General Bureau, an intelligence agency. The order also designates the commander of the agency, Gen. Kim Yong Chol.

The focusing on Office 39 builds on longstanding efforts to deprive the North Korean elite of luxury goods. Sometimes known as Room 39, Office 39 is a branch of the Korean Workers’ Party that raises and manages a slush fund of hard currency for Mr. Kim’s family and friends.

Wholesale versace sunglasses While some of Office 39’s dealings are believed to be legitimate — it exports exotic mushrooms, ginseng and seaweed, for example — the organization is suspected of being involved in the counterfeiting of American currency and drug trafficking.

The Treasury Department said Office 39 had been involved in methamphetamine distribution and the production of heroin and opium.

Office 39, which answers directly to Mr. Kim and has its headquarters not far from his villa, also procures luxury goods for the leadership. Last year, American officials said, the Italian government foiled its attempt to buy two Italian-made luxury yachts worth more than $15 million for Mr. Kim.

Critics say that most of North Korea’s luxury goods flow through China, which is skeptical of sanctions and has yet to impose them. Mr. Einhorn said that he would travel to Beijing soon to encourage the government to enforce the measures rigorously.

fashion sunglasses Stuart A. Levey, the undersecretary of the Treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence, said the designations of entities would have global impact because “there is already a real wariness” among foreign banks and companies about doing business with North Korean enterprises.

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MP3 players Related Content

MP3 players Related Content

MP3 is the international standard MPEG audio compression in the third layer pattern, the sound signal compression format, the Chinese also known as “Computer Network Music.” The third layer of MPEG audio compression than the first layer and second layer coding to be complex, but the sound quality than the first and second floors, even in comparison with CD sound quality. CD, sample rate frequency 44.1MHz, 16Bits, the amount of data to 1.4Mbps, while the corresponding amount of MP3 data, only 32kbps ~ 320kbps, is the raw data in 1 / 4 to 1 / 40. That is the traditional one CD can now be stored 4 to 40 times the music, but in the human ear sounds, feel the sound effects are no different.
Mp3 is a kind of compression and decompression of the calculation method used to deal with a high percentage of sound information. Sports MP3 Players generated sound files sound close to CD, the file size is only one-twelfth of CD. If a disc can store about 15-20 first of the CD format music, if saved as MP3 format, can store several hundred songs, which is its charm. MP3 occurs first goal is to reduce the file size to facilitate data transmission in the network, and to maintain the quality of the original close of play. MP3 players can reach the compression rate of 1 / 4 to 1 / 40, but the sounds in the human ear, but no distortion, because it will exceed the human hearing range of the sound removed from the digital audio without altering the most The main voice. In addition, MP3 mini dv player can upload, download any other form of computer files, iPod MP3 Players with removable storage capabilities. MP3 player is actually a function of specific small computer. Small body in the MP3 player, the MP3 player has a memory (memory card), MP3 player displays (LCD display), disney mp3 player central processing unit [MCU (microcontroller) or MP3 player decoder DSP (digital signal processor), etc..
MP3 player is the use of digital signal processor DSP (Digital Sign Processer) to complete the processing and transmission, and decoding MP3 files of the task. DSP in charge of player data transmission, device interface control, file playback decoding activities. DSP can be in a very short time to complete a variety of processing tasks, and this process consumes very little power (this is it suitable for portable players, a distinctive feature).
First MP3 song files from the memory and read out the memory on the chip, the signal ? to decode the signal to decode ? solution out through the DAC will convert digital signals into analog signals ? then converted analog audio amplification ? low-pass filtered to the headphone output, the output is what we heard after the music.
Into the 21st century, MP3’s rapid development so that people no longer content to MB flash memory capacity of the unit. January 2000, the audio hardware in the field of Big Brother introduced the world’s first innovative 2.5-inch hard drive MP3 – NOMAD Jukebox, Hello Kitty MP3 Players using Fujitsu 6.4GB 2.5-inch hard drive as storage media that can store the equivalent of more than 100 Zhang CD, MP3 music, far beyond the capacity of flash memory was MP3, but volume is very alarming, than we have CD players in general bigger, its shape is also very similar with the CD player. Although the use of hard disk media, but in order to ensure smooth movement to music can be played, can support innovation and to design a 5-minute earthquake 8MB cache, even in conditions of moving out and will not appear Music Jumping phenomenon.
Meanwhile, NOMAD Jukebox, or the first with direct MP3 record features one. The emergence of direct recording functions, make MP3 break the limitations of relying on computer access to resources. Of course, this TreadTang CD anywhere, anytime can be converted to MP3 for free, has also drawn the RIAA’s “concern”, but fortunately innovation comes from Singapore, RIAA can only be beyond the reach of, and now, direct MP3 record-type has long been popular.

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Cool music player Ru why I was born

Cool music player Ru why I was born

Concerned about the cell phone music player has been a long time, and remember to write the first evaluation is the mobile music player. China’s mobile music player and abroad is a fact that much difference, between music player technology is not the focus, the real difference is the user experience. Now the cell phone music player market has been very much more basic has to meet the growing spiritual needs of the people. In this context, introduction of mobile music player has not a wise move, if the introduction of mobile music iPod MP3 Players user experience is poor, it is a failure. Let us point of view of the product, the cool music if I need to launch its own mobile music player? Or currently available?
Open cool I listen to, start no special interface, only a general picture, but this picture, or posters, promotional come forward. Cool I listen to “the revolution has not yet succeeded,” the rush for cash, really sad. Cool my main interface are in general, but relatively simple, I do not think a good experience for the poor and simple, but can only make simple. Upper left corner of the three interface toggle button to switch the main interface, the lyrics and play list, no switching shortcut, does not switch sign, and no switching transition, it is blunt. The upper right corner of the sleep mode all very well, but this feature is not very common, there is no need on such a prominent location. The most central image column can be synchronized network image data, and the cool tiled background images of dogs than the benefit, if the increase in the optional even better. The following article is too small player, selected to adapt to change when there is no large experience did not notice the details.
The lower right of the option to set function, but function too small, of a few poor settings. This function on the right side of the dialog box is not cool I listen to bring their own, but the system itself to do the optimization of ordinary dialog box, remember the original this is a common dialog box. If the Hello Kitty MP3 Players can do that naturally great, it really does a lot of extra points for it, I do want to learn can learn Pocket Player4.0 crystal effect. In the upper right part of Figure I listen to the desktop player cool article, a look that is cool cottage dog Buzz, and the failure cottage. In fact, I listen to basically cool cool dog model in the cottage, but also semi-cottage “state.
Start with the playlist start, because this is the most frequently used part of a musical disney mp3 player is the core part. Cool in the playlist I listen to the experience of too bad, let’s see how: First, the playlist features a custom list is empty? Ins and Outs took a minute to set up a custom playlist, even not found . This is a special case, such a simple function of time came with a minute can not find where to set up, what kind of bad action experience! Mobile software operating time fleeting, will mean a lift on a toilet in time so valuable time can be such a bad experience, not many. Second, slide list, drag the difficulties, but is rather ambitious kind, either drag it difficult, or beating very fast, so I can not accurately locate the music I need. And the font size does not provide a list of options, the list of densely arranged, and convenient operation. These two issues to varying degrees in the body cool dog Buzz, after all, look how cool I listen to are like cottage cool dog Buzz’s.
A really good software is the most important human expression, focusing on user experience. The cool I listen to the mandatory mini dv player associated with people angry, it does not end, even after the association did not support the removal of the local association, robbers association. PockeMusic do well in this area, only part of the associated audio files, can remove the unwanted association, not coercion.
Other Skip, to talk about issues now, one: Sports MP3 Players simultaneous emergence of two green article; 2, layout problems, will not wrap; 3, automatic synchronization of the results of the majority is wrong, there is no active search system, the response ( no fruit). Compared to cool the dog to be successful more. At this time I wondered if this software is not cool dog Buzz in second-rate product research and development personnel to cool out after me.
End evaluation software, for I have received, after all, know which details can be less than. Many sites have recently seen the software, it should be done to promote. Cool mobile software in the domestic dog and still do every day sounds good, but they are also too many deficiencies. I listen to with cool cool dog Buzz is very similar to many of these deficiencies also exist in the cool dog. Cool I listen to the first strategy should be taken over cool dog Buzz, and then released. A market favorable, two fixed-cool brand in my mental status of the public.

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