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Mexican drug gunmen demand media run clips

MEXICO CITY – Gunmen who abducted four journalists in northern Mexico are demanding their media outlets broadcast videos apparently taped by a drug cartel that accuse officials of favoring a rival gang.

Drug gangs often kill, threaten or beat journalists to intimidate them and stop them from covering drug related stories but kidnapping them to force newspapers and television stations to publish their messages is a never before seen tactic.

Dior SunglassesThe Inter-American Press Association expressed outrage Thursday at the kidnapping and urged the Mexican government to help free them.

“We are seeing, with grave concern, that the violence keeps expanding in the country while reporters remain without the proper tools to do their job without fear of reprisal,” the press association’s president, Alejandro Aguirre, said.

The journalists — two of them from Televisa, Mexico’s biggest television network — were snatched after they left a prison in the city of Gomez Palacio where they had covered a protest against the arrest of the penitentiary’s director, one of their employers said.

The abducted journalists include a reporter and a cameraman from Televisa, a cameraman for Milenio Multimedia television and a reporter for Durango state newspaper El Vespertino.

Fendi SunglassesNeither Milenio nor Televisa returned calls seeking comment Thursday. But a story published Wednesday in Milenio newspaper, part of the Milenio Multimedia group, said that shortly after the reporters went missing on Monday their cameraman, Jaime Canales, called to say his captors wanted the channel to air three videos that had earlier appeared on a blog devoted to drug trafficking.

Canales told his editors that his captors said “they were unhappy with the coverage” of the prison scandal.

On Tuesday, Milenio Multimedia aired the three videos, which last about 15 minutes and show two local police officers and two civilians being interrogated and confessing to working for the Zetas drug gang in the Laguna region, which includes the cities of Gomez Palacio and Lerdo in Durango state and Torreon in neighboring Coahuila.

Adidas SunglassesThe area has seen an increase in drug violence that authorities attribute to a turf battle between the Sinaloa drug cartel and the Zetas.

The newspaper said the journalists’ captors are members of a drug cartel that “is unhappy with the coverage given to the prison” scandal but the report doesn’t identify it.

On Sunday, federal authorities arrested the Gomez Palacio state prison director, Margarita Rojas, and three other prison officials because they allegedly let inmates out, lent them guns and sent them off in official vehicles to carry out mass killings, including the massacre of 17 people last week.

Prosecutors said the prison-based hit squad is suspected in three mass shootings, including the July 18 attack on a party in the city of Torreon. In that incident, gunmen fired indiscriminately into a crowd of mainly young people in a rented hall,Nike Sunglasses killing 17 people.

Federal prosecutors said tests on bullet casings found at the scenes matched those of four assault rifles assigned to prison guards.

News of the kidnapping had been kept quiet until Tuesday when Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission called on the government to find the journalists following a radio interview with Durango state interior secretary Oliverio Reza. Reza told Formato 21 Radio on Tuesday that the two cars the reporters had been riding in had been found set ablaze near the prison.

In an opinion article published Wednesday, Milenio’s Deputy Managing Editor Ciro Gomez Leyva called Reza and the human rights commission “irresponsible.”

The reporters remained missing Thursday.

Cartier SunglassesPress freedom groups say Mexico is one of the world’s deadliest countries for journalists. More than 60 journalists have been killed in Mexico since 2000, according to the National Human Rights Commission. Many more Mexican reporters have received threats from drug gangs.

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Karzai seeks more action against terrorists outside Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan President Hamid Karzai pushed his international partners on Thursday to take stronger action

against terrorist sanctuaries outside of Afghanistan. In a clear reference to havens in Pakistan, Karzai said: “The international

community is here to fight terrorism, but there is danger Mens Vibram Five Fingers Ksoelsewhere and they are not acting.”

Pressure is building on Pakistan to escalate the fight against militants on its soil, especially since the release of more than

90,000 leaked U.S. military documents posted Sunday on the Web by WikiLeaks.vibram

The trove of U.S. intelligence reports alleged close connections between Pakistan’s intelligence agency and Taliban militants

fighting Afghan and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Pakistan called the accusations malicious and unsubstantiated, but the push to persuade Pakistan to do more to eliminate Islamic

extremists on its soil continues.

In a wide-ranging news conference, Karzai said AfghanistanWomens Vibram Five Fingers Kso has deep ties with “our brothers” in Pakistan. He didn’t mention Pakistan by name.

But Karzai said while Afghanistan is working diplomatic channels to prevent nations from training, protecting and giving sanctuary

to terrorists outside Afghanistan, only the international community has the capability of actually doing something about them.

“The question is, why are they not doing it?” Karzai said.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday that nike jordanPakistan needs to make

progress against terrorist groups on Pakistani soil.

“To be fair, the Pakistan government — they have taken action against these groups,” he said.

But refusing to back down from comments he made this week in India, Cameron added: “We need them to do more and we will support

and help them as they do more.”

Karzai told reporters he ordered his Cabinet ministers to study the war papers, especially those that address Pakistan and

civilian casualties in Afghanistan. He also said documents that disclosed the names of Afghans who have worked with the NATO-led

force were “shocking” and “irresponsible.”

“Their lives will be in danger now,” he said. “This is Vibram Five Fingers Moca very serious issue.”

Karzai also was asked about the Obama administration’s decision last week to target key leaders of the Afghan Taliban with new

financial sanctions — a move that could complicate relations with Pakistan and the Karzai government’s efforts to try to talk

with some insurgent factions.

The action by the Treasury Department freezes the militants’ assets, bans travel and triggers an arms embargo against three

financial kingpins, including a key member of the al-Qaeda Vibram Five Fingers Perfomalinked Haqqani network, which directs operations against U.S. and coalition forces in

Afghanistan from Pakistan.

It follows similar action by the United Nations earlier this week, and it comes after calls from Gen. David Petraeus, the top

military commander in Afghanistan, and Sen. Carl Levin, Vibram Five Fingers PrsportsDemocrat-Michigan, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, for sanctions

against Afghan insurgent commanders operating in Pakistan.

Taken together, the U.S. and U.N. sanctions prohibit any financial transactions of terrorist leaders in U.N. member countries,

putting additional pressure on Pakistan to take broader actions Vibram Five Fingers Sprintagainst Taliban militants.

U.S. officials have urged Pakistan to crack down on the al-Qaeda-linked Haqqani network, saying Islamabad’s reluctance to move

into the group’s base in North Waziristan is hampering the Afghan war effort.

Pakistan has moved cautiously, but has been slow at times Mens Vibram Five Fingers Sprintto take on militants that Islamabad does not believe pose a direct threat.

Pakistan has had historic relations with some of the Afghan insurgents, and analysts suggest Islamabad perceives them as useful

allies in Afghanistan when international forces withdraw.

Karzai did not comment directly on the new sanctions, saying they were decisions by the U.S. and international community. He said

only that Afghanistan did not and would not have a Womens Vibram Five Fingers Sprintso-called blacklist.

“We want to take a step toward the peace,” he said, adding his government is reaching out to militants who want to lay down their

weapons, sever ties with terrorists and embrace the Afghan government and its constitution. “Bullets firing from their guns are

targeting their children, their property, their lives,” he said.
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How Auto Loan Refinancing Works?

A car loan refinance is a new loan that is taken to repay back the already taken auto loan. The newer loan will be at a lower interest rate and with a flexible pay package. The process is very simple and will not take more than half an hour if you have the proper documents. auto refinancing is the best way to stabilize your financial position when mounting financial pressure forces you to do so. There are 2 important reasons on why people prefer auto refinance.

The first reason is to save some money by getting lowered interest rates. The monthly payment is reduced and individuals can use this money for the other expenditures. Secondly, for redefining the loan terms such as extending loan terms, eliminate prepayment penalties to pay the loan quicker. The longer period of loan will let you pay lesser amount every month. Thus, the borrowers will not feel the pinch of debt and get adjusted easily.

Minimum requirements:

A borrower must fulfill the following criteria to be eligible for the car loan refinancing.

* Must have completed 18 years of old
* Must have a valid driving license
* Must be a US Citizen
* The value of the car must be greater than the loan amount you owe
* Must have valid proof of current auto insurance

Most of the leading companies do not charge to apply for a car refinance. Avoid the lenders those who charge a hefty amount for the application itself. The lenders will take a notice of your application and start processing it. This is the first step involved in automobile refinancing. The lender will analyze your financial position and other holdings. Your credit proves to be a vital factor here. It is good to provide the details of assets that you have. This will give assurance to the lenders on your repaying ability. At times, the officers from the lending institutions might walk out to say that you have a bad credit rate. However, that will not halt you from getting your vehicle refinance.

On analyzing all the documents, the lenders also usually check the status and working condition of the vehicle. It is not preferred to go for refinancing option for a car that is more than 4 years and has traveled 1000’s of kilometers. If the vehicle is in a proper condition and satisfies all the minimum eligibility criteria, then the lenders would be happy to lend the loan. However, the borrower must have a thorough knowledge on the current market interest rates to save some money.

Once all the formal procedures get over, the borrower will have to pay some fees to the lender for various transactions. In addition to that you would also have to pay fees imposed by your state for title transfer/administrative fee to handle transfer of lien holder/name which varies from $5 to $75. The fees would be altered depending upon the lenders. Upon paying all the fees and completing the procedure, the new refinancing lender will pay off the current auto loan payment to the old lender, while you continue paying on the new car loan. This is how auto loan refinancing works exactly.

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Auto Loan Refinancing – FAQs

Refinancing of car loans has become the new trend in the current fiscal situation. There are millions of people who are left toiled and moiled by the recent recession in the economy. One would even call it as a depression as most of the millionaires were almost bankrupted. People who have obtained auto loans found it very difficult to repay the loans. Here is a new way to reduce your monthly payments towards the auto loans by getting cheaper interest rates. However, there are lots of doubts and queries residing in the hearts of borrowers. I have tried to clear most of your queries here.

An auto refinance loan is a loan with lower interest rate that is taken to pay back the older loans that had a higher rate of interest and higher monthly payments. The borrowers might decide to go with the same old lenders or might look out for a new lender to get better terms and conditions for the loans.

Working: The new lender will pay off the existing loan debt with the old lender and the title will be now transferred to the new lender.

Reason to refinance: The ultimate aim of refinancing car loans is to obtain lower interest rates. The period of loan can be extended and can have flexible loan terms by which huge amount of money can be saved.

Time to refinance the loan: The exact time to refinance the auto loan really depends on the financial situation of the borrower. This will vary according to the needs of the individual. If you are not able to bear the brunt of paying lump sum amounts as monthly installments, then you can very well opt for the refinancing. The early you refinance the more you will be able to save.

Fees: There are exactly 2 kinds of fees that are standard for the refinancing of car loans. One is associated with the transfer of lien holder fees that is usually around $5 to $10 and a state re-registration/administration fee of $5.

How much can I save? The amount of savings depends on the remaining amount of the existing loan. If you had not repaid most of the old loan, probably you could gain. The difference in both the amount holds the key. Similarly the different in the interest rate of the new loan and old loan plays a vital role in deciding the amount.

Popularity of auto refinancing loans: This is increasing in its rate of popularity as people are able to get it at lower interest rates and is also hassle free. The entire process could be finished within an hour.

How to approach the financial institutions? Every lending institution has got websites for their company. It is enough to fill out their online application request forms and the responsible officials will get back to you in a shorter duration.

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How to Save Money with Automobile Refinancing?

You can save a lot of money with car loan refinancing if you have taken original car loan at high interest with bad credit and subsequently have increased your credit rating. A good credit score can secure you a low interest rate and as a result helping you save a huge amount of money. A fall in the interest rate of even half a percentage would help you to save several hundred dollars per year. It is now possible to repay the loan in a faster pace and close it before the scheduled date with no early payoff fees. It is important for you to know all the steps to save money while refinancing at cheaper interest rates. Before few years, people used to accept the rates afford by the dealers due to lesser options and were forced to continue with the same high rate till the end of the loan term.

However, with the advent of internet technology, there are lots of options available and people need not even have to get up from their chair to apply for car refinancing. Auto refinance gives an individual a second chance to rectify their past mistake and obtain lower rates. One can fill up the online forms and lay back to take rest as the loan process is made completely automatic.

A few steps to save money with car loan refinancing:

The first and foremost step is to find out a lender who can offer loan at cheaper interest rates. This must be lesser than the existing rates.

It is possible to get refinancing done easily if you have the W2 pay check. The self employed persons might require 2 years of tax returns to qualify for the loan.

Refinancing car loan at an early stage can help you save a lot on your interest payable. Also try refinancing your car at a different lender rather than at the same lender as the same lender sometimes do not allow vehicle refinance while the other auto lenders may offer you good deal in the greed to earn interest.

You can also consider the option of car loan refinancing even if the interest rates are slightly lower as little drops of water makes the ocean. You can start a fresh loan which will have a lesser monthly payment by which you can save money in your pocket.

You can search for the refinancing companies online and apply them. Due to the high competition, you can get the car refinance loans at better rates.

The rate of interest can be negotiated if you have a good credit score. Hence, you can try your luck with the lenders.

Make sure that the market value of the car is higher than the refinanced loan amount.

A lot of research and homework has to be done when it comes to saving money with automobile refinancing. Many lenders on their website offer car refinancing calculator which can help you compare your saving and choose the best deal. People must be aware of what is happening in the financial market and take advantage of the opportunity. Taking wise steps will help you to save few thousand dollars every year. In this way, car loan refinance will help you to settle down financially without worrying about your car payments.

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How to Lower Interest Rates with Used Car Refinancing?

Car refinancing will help you to save you hundreds of dollars on your car payments. There are numerous reasons on why a buyer may opt for car loan refinance. It might be because of the mounting financial pressure to meet the payment deadlines or to take benefit of declined interest rate in the market or currently improved credit which can help securing lower rates. While many borrowers also take up auto refinancing to revise the loan term such as altering the name on the title or terms where there is no prepayment penalties. But, the main focus rest on obtaining lower interest rate for any borrower. Most of the people look for low rates on used car loans due to the higher interest rate paid on their initial loan. There are lot of process and steps to be undertaken to get the insider’s perspective while refinancing a used car loan.

How can used car refinancing can help you lower your interest rates?

Car refinancing allows you to exchange a higher interest rate car loan with a lower interest rate. So, it is as good as taking a new car loan. Usually a used car loan has higher interest rates and shorter terms due to its low resale value which makes the borrower pay high monthly payments towards the loan. So, refinancing your used car can prove beneficially. While, the interest rates are at historical low that is around 4% which helps you in getting a fair deal.

However, it is important for the borrowers to ensure that the vehicle is not too old. The vehicle cannot be an asset for the lender if it is too old and cannot make loss to offer you car loan. It should be in the working condition as the lenders will obviously check for the working of the car and will analyze the situation.

There are few basic requirement of the car such as mileage, age of the vehicle, the value of the car which a borrower need to meet in order to get approved for vehicle refinance. Usually the lenders require age of car no more than 8 years and mileage not more than 70,000 miles. Auto refinancing would help if the value of the car is less than the amount owed which know as have negative equity in car or upside down on car.

The first step to secure lower the interest rate is that the borrower must have repaid the loan in proper terms. This will subsequently increase the credit score and give an added advantage to refinance. This gives another lender to possibly assess your financial conditions and others might offer you a refinancing loan at better rates than expected.

Second is refinancing the car as early as possible. It has no meaning if you refinance you car in the last year of loan terms as you have already paid the high interest and there’s nothing to save now.

Moreover, you should keep an eye on the prevailing interest rates in market and grab the opportunity as the rate lowers even one percent from your current rate. Even one percent can help you save hundreds of dollars. This can be the effective way which will help many of the borrowers to opt for the auto loans refinancing. A declining interest rate will boost the financial conditions of the borrowers.

The above said point if taken into consideration can surely help you to save money in the long run. The borrowers are requested to repay the loan in the prompt manner to reap the benefits of the car refinancing loans.

To put it in a nutshell, used car refinancing is great opportunity which is offered by the lenders to help you make your car payments affordable. So, one should not worry if they are stuck into paying higher payments. Car financing can be a great savior. Applying for car loan refinance online can be very easy whereby you just need to fill in an online car refinance application. The entire process takes not more than an hour to get completed.

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Trying Some Other Tax Debt Relief Options

It is imperative for you to inquire about tax debt relief options with the IRS if you have got yourself into the back tax net. This could be critical in preventing more problems in future. The IRS is pretty strict in dealing with tax defaulters and before it embarks upon any undesirable action, it is always better to settle the debts the way you desire. Besides, there are plenty of alternatives available at your disposal to tackle your old taxes. All that you need to do is just explore the various ways and opt for the one that suits you the most. LoansStore offers professional services to debtors who intend to get out of the shackles of tax debt.

tax relief

Usually, the IRS issues notices to debtors who have defaulted in paying back their old taxes. By not responding to the IRS letters, you could run the unnecessary risk of getting into lawsuits filed by the IRS against you. That’s precisely the reason why you need to consider some other options apart from IRS procedures to get rid of your IRS tax problems. Here is some crucial information pertaining to the alternatives which you could look at.

  • You can pay the back owed taxes to the IRS through a credit card secured at a low interest rate, if you have enough cash left to cover for extra payments.
  • Another flexible option to deal with your IRS tax problems is to apply for a loan with a low rate of interest. But this could heavily depend upon the total tax debt owed to the IRS. You can contact the nearest bank for this.
  • Alternatively, to clear your tax debt, you could always look for assistance from friends or family members for doing away with your outstanding tax dues. However, you need to ensure that you are going to repay them back after you have adjusted.

Our qualified and experienced tax attorneys would assist you to explore and analyze different options for IRS tax settlements. Depending upon your financial situation you could be helped to choose an alternative which best suits your financial needs and requirements.

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Khmer Rouge torture chief to appeal: Is he a chameleon or a contrite Christian?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Math wiz, high school teacher, communist ideologue, born-again Christian, aid worker, contrite confessor, and mass murderer.

These were some of the roles played over the past three decades by Max 89Kaing Guek Eav, better known by his revolutionary name, “Duch.”

Givenchy SunglassesNow an international war crimes tribunal has given the former Khmer Rouge prison chief a new title: war criminal.

A United Nations-backed tribunal today found Duch (pronounced Doik) guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for his role as head of Cambodia’s S-21 prison camp in Phnom Penh, where some 17,000 people were tortured and executed.

Judges handed down a sentence Monday that could allow the 67-year-old walk free after serving 19 years, angering many Cambodians who wanted the killer jailed for life. Moreover, Duch’s defense team said Tuesday that he will appeal against his conviction.

Critics say the court case has provided little comfort to those still struggling to understand this chameleon-like figure who rose rapidly through the ranks of the Khmer Rouge to become the regime’s chief executioner.

KHMER ROUGE EXECUTIONER found guilty, but Cambodians say sentence too light

Indeed, the question still remains: Who was Duch?

Coach SunglassesStill playing chameleon?When considering their verdict, judges said they took into account mitigating factors including Duch’s expressions of remorse, his admission of guilt, and his cooperation with the court. But many ordinary Cambodians doubt Duch’s sincerity, and even people in close contact with him say that he may have once again played the chameleon.

“He only apologised to the judges. Duch didn’t apologize to the victims,” Chum Mey, 79, told Agence France-Presse. He was one of only seven survivors of Duch’s torture prison.

Even Him Huy, a former guard at Duch’s S-21 prison, suggests that judges were hoodwinked into believing Duch had truly taken responsibility for his crimes. In a telephone interview, he says he thinks Duch’s admission of guilt was a ploy.

To Mr. Him,D&G Sunglasses Duch’s pleas for forgiveness and his promise to cooperate fully with the court were “tricks” designed to curry favor with the judges so that he would receive a more lenient sentence.

Mr. Him, one of 24 witnesses to give testimony during the 72-day trial, testified last year that as chief of S-21 Duch said the majority of Cambodians deserved to be killed because they failed to adequately support the Khmer Rouge.

A staunch revolutionary If that was truly Duch’s belief, he certainly did his best to live up to it. Under his supervision, as many as 17,000 people were tortured into confessing that they were part of an elaborate network of spies bent on undermining the Khmer Rouge’s Utopian Maoist revolution. Duch spun a paranoid web of imagined intrigue in which anyone from a peasant to a high-ranking official could be working undercover for the KGB,ED Hardy Caps CIA, or the Vietnamese, according to court testimony.

In the court’s ruling today, the judges said that Duch “possessed and exercised significant authority at S-21 and that his conduct in carrying out his functions showed a high degree of efficiency and zeal. He worked tirelessly to ensure that S-21 ran as efficiently as possible and did so out of unquestioning loyalty to his superiors.”

After a blood-drenched three years, eight months in power, the Khmer Rouge were vanquished to the jungles in 1979 by a Vietnamese-backed army of Cambodian defectors. Duch was among the last to flee Phnom Penh, escaping first into Khmer Rouge-controlled zones along the border with Thailand, and later spending time teaching languages in China, which financed and supported the Khmer Rouge through the 1970s and 1980s.

Then, he disappeared.

Finding the faithFor reasons not completely clear, in the early 1990s Duch defected from the Khmer Rouge, Ed hardy Womens Swimwear moved his family to another part of Cambodia, and recreated his identity, calling himself Hang Pin, a born-again Christian who worked in refugee camps for an American aid agency.

Duch’s eldest child, Ky Sievkim, told the Monitor in 2009 that her father baptized her soon after his conversion. “Every night my father led me in prayer. Every Sunday he brought out the Bible and read it to the whole family,” she said during an interview at her home in Battambang Province.

Duch even started a house church out of his home. “He spoke of Jesus Christ and tried to convince other teachers to believe,” Hun Smien, the former director of a high school where Duch taught in the late 1990s, told the Monitor in 2009.

In 1999, while working with the aid agency as Hang Pin, Duch was discovered by Irish photojournalist Nic Dunlop, Wholesale sunglasseswho recognized him from a snapshot he was carrying around with him. When Mr. Dunlop confronted Duch, he admitted his true identity, calling himself “the chief of sinners” and comparing his confession to that of St. Paul.

But those close to Duch today ask:Max 90 Was he sincere? Did he convert to Christianity because of the murder of his wife in a mysterious house break-in? Did he convert out of fear for his own life? Or did he convert out of sincerity after prodding from a handful of evangelical Cambodians?

Even the pastor who baptized Duch now doubts whether the conversion was real.

‘He was just using Jesus’ name’When he taught Hang Pin about Jesus Christ, pastor Sen Timothy had no idea of his acolyte’s past. But even after 1999 when Hang Pin was revealed to be Duch and arrested, Mr. Sen continued to correspond with him at his detention center. For more than a decade, Sen mentored and nurtured his budding Christian,sunglass who continued to take communion while in detention. At the start of his trial in February 2009, Duch invoked the name of Jesus Christ and said he prayed for forgiveness from his countrymen.

It wasn’t until the end of Duch’s trial that Sen lost faith in his former student, according to a recent article in the Cambodia Daily print-only newspaper.

On Nov. 27, after nine months of consistently taking individual responsibility forMax 95 the atrocities committed at S-21, Duch made a U-turn and asked for an acquittal. The move shook Sen’s faith in Duch’s Christianity.

“Duch told everyone that he believed in Jesus, but to change like this means that he was just using Jesus’ name. So that’s double guilt,” Sen told the Cambodia Daily.

Indeed, Duch’s latest request that the court release him seems a far cry from the man who told the tribunal judges in 2009: “It matters little if they condemn me, even to the heaviest sentence. As for the Christ’s death, Cambodians can inflict that fate on me,cheap sunglasses I will accept it.” air jordan melo 1.5
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Bear attack victim says relaxing saved her life

CODY, Wyo. – Frantic seconds into an attack by a bear, Deb Freele did something that went against all her instincts but probably saved her life — she totally relaxed. “I thought I would be dinner,” said Freele, 58, a visitor to vibramthe Montana backcountry from Canada, who recalled awakening from a deep sleep in her tent near Yellowstone National Park to find she was being chewed on by a bear. “Within hundredths of seconds, I felt the teeth in my arm, heard bones breaking. I screamed and that seemed to aggravate him. He sunk his teeth into me again,” she said in a telephone interview from her hospital room in Cody, Wyoming. “So I decided to play dead and mean it,” she Vibram Five Fingers Mocsaid. “Every muscle in my body went limp, like a rag doll … I thought I could play dead or be dead.” Her determination to stay calm and fight panic proved Vibram Five Fingers Perfomacritical to her survival. Freele said she quickly felt the bear’s jaws relax and, within several Vibram Five Fingers Classicseconds, “he just dropped me and walked away.” Freele, from London, Ontario, was one of three people attacked separatelyWomens Vibram Five Fingers Classic by a bear before dawn Wednesday at the Soda Butte campground in Montana’s Gallatin National Forest. One man was killed and another injured in theVibram Five Fingers Prsports attacks, which wildlife officials said seemed to have been unprovoked. Freele, who suffered multiple bites to her left arm, which was broken, said her ordeal lasted about 35 or 40 seconds and that her husband, who was asleep in a nearby tent, did not Vibram Five Fingers Sprintawaken until after it was over. She said she believes the bear was a grizzly but wildlife officials Mens Vibram Five Fingers Classicwere still trying to determine whether the animal was a grizzly bear or a black bear. A spokesman for the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Department Mens Vibram Five Fingers Sprintsaid a preliminary investigation found no evidence of food at the campsites or in tents — a magnet for bears. Freele, an experiencedWomens Vibram Five Fingers Sprint camper who was making her first visit to grizzly country, said: “I’m not afraid of bears, I respect them.”

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Yao Ming went to Sichuan low profile charity is not invited to participate in any media

Yao MingWill return to custom nfl jerseys Sichuan disaster area ! The news first

to free Yao Yao Ming Charity Fund -sponsored trip to Beijing Railway Station during the event , Yao Ming , ” accidentally ”

revealed their trip – “I will go to Sichuan over time . ” However, the focus is on the charity of Yao Ming A low profile

until last night , the reporter through many channels, no Yao Ming arrived in Chengdu to find out what the exact time and

will to name the two schools . Meanwhile, Team Yao is also clear that this event will not be invited to participate in any

media , so it will not disclose the specific itinerary .

Since Yao Ming Charity Ride the activities of Chinese Taipei stand before the end of last night , Yao Ming, but to ride the

plane arrived in Chicago Bears Jersey Sichuan today . If

it is direct , the current group of Taipei to Chengdu, the only direct flights only , will be landed at 16:20 this afternoon

Shuangliu International Airport . But there is news that Yao Ming will turn in Hong Kong , which he said international

flights arrive in a match . However, even the fans waiting at the airport all day , fear can hardly see the icons in the side

of the airport , and two years ago , Yao Ming will definitely direct from the VIP access by car to leave .

Yao Ming and his entourage will arrive later today, Guangyuan, tomorrow will visit the Yao Foundation donated two schools. In

2008, Yao Fund Guangyuan want to build four schools , namely : Lee State District Xueyan construction of village schools ,

home schools Yuanba Ding , Goddess of Mercy Primary School and Yuanba grinding jintanzhen overturned District jintanzhen

Yuanji Dallas Cowboys Jersey Primary School . Where

exactly will the two Yao Ming , is still a mystery.

After the earthquake that 61 Children’s Day , Yao Ming on the other side of the ocean sent blessing for the children , soon

after the Mid-Autumn Festival , he gave up a chance to reunite with his family in person to the Sichuan condolences and

donations through the Foundation and more than Hope Primary School . Two years later , Yao Ming will achieve their commitment

to once again come to the disaster areas . Before , Yao Ming had hit the children sent condolences , ” the stricken children,

I would like to say to you: land of so many people looking at you, We have been worried about you . No matter what happens

Kind of thing , all the people with you to create a better tomorrow . ”

No matter how low-key Yao Ming , his second trip to Sichuan doomed significance.

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reporter Xu Yang

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