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Pension respect and care for old, played the wonderful “Nocturne”

Recently a friend visiting, I did say one thing. The village is about a 70-year-old climbed the front of the house of

their own bamboo height Hom bamboo, slipped and fell to the ground. His children and grandchildren have

discovered he paid no attention, ed hardy woman

socksbut fortunately it was promptly return home until neighbors rushed to hospital out of danger.According to

a medical examination, the old man’s body wounds. Lip serious tear, was more than 30 sewing needle. Result of

serious injuries, the doctor recommended hospitalization, the old man refused to adhere to home, may just stop

coming they will immediately fall unconscious. Enthusiastic neighbor busy to help him obtain a hospital procedures,

and Dianjiao a variety of medical expenses. His friends said usually children and grandchildren right he is very cool.

The cost of living for the elderly on their own Hom bamboo weaving, and then get on the market to buy, the elderly

mobility, life is hard. Upon hearing a friend tell my heart endless emotion. Nowadays, both in rural or urban areas,

ed hardy woman sunglasses do not have

this support the elderly, the phenomenon of disdain for the elderly. They not only non-compliance with

maintenance obligations, and even abuse, abandonment of parents, elders.The village, mostly old people living in

damp, dark room, their eyes are dead. Looked depressed, perennial generation who experienced less “Furofushi”

“old stuff” were outraged, his face is not a happy atmosphere already.China has entered the aging society, how to

make the country’s total population, 10% of the elderly and old to have a secured a community concern.Care for

the young of the Chinese nation’s traditional virtues of past and present there are many moving stories. “Old end,

Zhuang has been used, be cared for,” “little children.”Such as China respecting and loving story of “man pages”,

the “negative m biological parent” and “pro try him for the medical,” ed hardy woman waches “picking mulberry biological parent” “OK for the mother load”

“Killing the Tiger Jiu Fu” “Qi Guan in Search of Mother” and so on. No not the ancient stories of caring for the

elderly.”Pro-try him for the medical”: “before the Han Emperor, were constant, the third son of emperor, the

beginning of closure on behalf of the king.’s Mother Empress Dowager Bo, Emperor Wu-Tai Chin care of their own.

Mother often disease, three years, the Emperor Mubujiaojie, clothing puzzled with, him for the medical non –

Vladimir into the mouth tasted. Rensiao smell the world.Rensiao clinical world, towering crown 100 King.Mok Yin

Ting thing the mother of him for the medical must be tasted. “”Man pages” basketball shoesaffecting Chinese society, 600 years, and now, the

elderly and the protection of rights and interests of more and more attention, but due to the different concepts, or

economic reasons, some people care for the elderly did not do enough with their children to their parents, support

responsibilities, and even abuse of the elderly do. Therefore, we should pay attention to respecting and caring for

the elderly. Starting from the adolescent. Respect an early age to educate them, love the old, respect for the

elderly. Establish a kind of social responsibility.In the past, there is a child at home was poor, there is no table, he

often went to neighbor’s house to see time, a long time is very disgusted with his neighbor. He told this to see after

his mother, the mother feel that their kids miserable, but at home there is no money to their children too poor to buy

the table. The kids go to school age, there is no time table can not get out of bed to go to school, so she said:

“Every day I come to call you to get up to go to school.”nike max From

that day my mother will not have slept a good sense, because he depends on the location of gaze at the stars to

determine the time to wake up his son. But with such a way to determine if time is not very accurate. One time my

mother not be allowed to judge, early wake-up son, the results of his son very early on came to school, the school

does not open the door, when the winter comes again, the weather was cold, cold hands and feet frozen child. After

returning home, he will be something to tell his mother. Also both the distressed mother guilt. The next day the child

came home from school and saw his mother lying pale in bed, a table arrayed with a small alarm clock, his sister

told him that his mother sold their blood for cash to buy the alarm clock!
This story demonstrates the great maternal love.We apply the story education today’s kids, let them know from the

time when young people caring for the elderly, the return of their parents,ed hardy women belts there must be conscience.Care for the young of the Chinese

nation’s traditional virtues. We should respect the elderly, care for the elderly to treat the elderly, so that makes

them “a sense of security, old music, old school, sense of worthiness.” Allow them to lead well-being in later life. We

should carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting the Chinese nation, and vigorously commend respecting,

caring for the elderly, help the old deeds, strengthen Moral education and improve the quality of students and

create a respect for the old respect for the elderly, care to help the elderly social atmosphere.”Old Age, like the

Nightingale should have his Nocturne. – (Germany) Kant,” Let us work together to create one for old people to a

happy old age.

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Hear God Speak (A Message from God)

“Hear God Speak” is a unique musical DVD that affects lives differently. Some hear the voice of God; others hear their own voice (speaking to themselves); and some get a personal message (for someone they love or care about)

How it works isn’t fully known. But if you follow the “Viewing Instructions” carefully and focus on the visualizations and feel the music…there’s a good chance you will “Hear God Speak”  \”Viewing Instruction Trailer\”

Whether you believe in God a little or a lot…or not at all, “Hear God Speak” can kick-start your emotional, mental and spiritual life – IF, you let it!

Allen Petrowski (Co-Creator of “Hear God Speak”)
Music Performed by: The ‘RITE’ Band

What People Are Saying:
“It gave me new purpose in my life and something to strive for” …“I heard God speaking in the music right away” …“It’s an awesome, mindful-experience (visually and musically)” …“The Truth is straight-forward and amazing” …”Each time I watch it, I feel energized and motivated”…

“Hear God Speak” DVD or Video-On-Demand

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NPC to ask questions: personal budget high subsidies wages

A few data let me sleep. I hope I am wrong. One error correction, with the wrong taxpayers’ money, the correct. “Yesterday afternoon, shenzhen representative of government budget GuanZhiGang the question existing in the same, refers to the project budget expenses, administrative project repeated high growth serious problem. Holding thick” zhang, “GuanZhiGang back:” whether intentionally don’t let our relevant departments to understand? ”

Similar project repeat row?

“ShengZhi department’s budget, is the basic project project expenses, administrative expenses increased. But BaoZhi project, the province pledges inspect bureau the growth too big.” GuanZhiGang by 2010, said the project budget growth than 91% of administrative expenses, including project also confusing, “quality supervision inspection and product selectives examination funds, just as its name implies is listed separately, but with the project. GuanZhiGang questioned the project has QiaoLiMingMu basketball shoesdisrelish.

ZhangZhiYa representatives are unsure of “public row project province vehicle update” and “traffic tools, he thinks” purchase “vehicle” and “traffic tool” is the same concept, and “update” and “purchase” is not synonymous BaoZhi repeat,.

The working personnel will ltd., timely back problems and reply soon.

Repeat the same project?

The budget of the provincial bureau, GuanZhiGang found there two appear “individuals and families, each BaoZhi expenditure” subsidies amount is 100 million yuan of above; in “The price bureau, land bureau… over 20%, the budget increase compared with GDP growth, too.” He repeatedly mentioned last year, guangdong, this also is very not easy, government must manage the taxpayers’ money.ugg boots

ZhangZhiYa to appear in the provinces of public budget “production” has two generation id card of doubt: layer has made, why this should included budget? Another list “PaiZheng production”, not including the cost of id card? Ltd., staff said, two not be same unit cost of cost, the former is public, the latter is TingShu participated units.

Why not give spending doubled the reason?

Let’s GuanZhiGang wonder housing and rural province this year, GaiTing zi increase budgetary expenditures 135.91% up. “Imagination! Maybe have a reason, I need to see where the money.” GuanZhiGang tells a reporter, so huge growth, in the budget was no detailed accounts, “I want to see, but it is unknown, nor understood what also not is a JianBiao!”

Unit and individual pay is accessorial what relation? YeLiYan representatives, many units of the list is “personal and family, the amount of subsidies, even more than personal wages. YeLiYan opened the budget report, one that similar problems. She said that some units for personal replica watches
benefits to the budget of a department, the remainder is 65 normal office expenses. “This is reasonable allocation proportion? I want ltd.,”.

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My favorite Nianjiu

On one occasion, the teacher asked me: “Why are you against today’s popular new things so not concerned and

are not interested in, but ignored the others about passing away, or is already passing away of things such

interest and concern, can you tell me?”I replied: “I do not care about the today’s most popular novelty nowadays,

but not enough attention, fills as simple as that.”When I finish this sentence,nba jerseys the teacher sighed heavily and said in one breath, said:

“From the language of which you have just described I can tell you is what kind of a person, and you’re a person

more reminiscing, like Nianjiu of today’s popular are not interested in new things like research and study in other

people seem to be more boring subjects, like politics is that you most like to study and research subjects. “An

evaluation of the teacher’s point of woke up at that time in my confusion and helplessness.Yes ah, until today, I

must admit, I was like Nianjiu people like to use a lot of time to recall the past, some of the things it is here where

the most profound impression than the period of enrichment intertwined with the busy high school life, in

particular, often when the political class, that was my most intensive phases of energy, when compared to the

previous mathematics classes also focus on energy; even math teachers will say, if I will learn the political lessons

replica watchesof the momentum to get children mathematics Lesson up,

my math scores will improve rapidly. But in conclusion, I Querang mathematics teacher disappointment, the people

of my teacher’s expectations so high, he really really hope I can do to enhance my math. The result?

Disappointment is to let teachers go! Because I can not do this, the so-called heart is not with two, that is, this

truth.I have just said, I like politics course, so I should strive to master this course, not easy to find your favorite

courses to learn how can we not do this course?The students in our view, politics is a boring course, every

political class than like a porridge-like in the stove on the boil, or in the classroom as a dressing room, resting it

painted eyes heavy make-up of the Miao Mei; either be among the lounge, lying on the table to sleep, so that the

end left the classroom I have to stay isolated in a classroom listening to the teacher about the political course

content, when teachers will explain the contents of teaching materials has finished,ugg boots but also give me an extension and expansion of knowledge,

the teacher is very clear the purpose of doing so is to allow me to further be able to master this course, because

he knows I like this course, it seems I was thinking that only a political teachers will be able to read, other is very

difficult to be read.When I was a man walking in the streets when the mind will often emerge out of high school

lesson on the political scene, feeling that time I was most happy, if the clock can be inverted back, I really want to

re-review period experience, it is now apparent, but only memories remain forever in memory depths.If the clock

can be inverted back, I would like to spend all our energy are placed in this course were to learn the political and

what is not think about it, because I finally found my favorite courses, I will not stop, I will have to pay a harder, and

effort to learn that the door to others seems boring courses.Is a fact but not as simple as I thought,basketball shoes time can no longer back down, so I had to treasure

these memories together, whenever the mood is really bad, it will be read out, so maybe I will heal wounds, rapt do

everything.Perhaps this is the real me, like the news, like Nianjiu, little concerned about the trendy stuff for the

moment.This is me, a love Nianjiu like politics and news of contemporary college students, it is estimated in this

society is very difficult to find a second like me than anyone.

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The industry and commerce bureau in hubei province were suspected criminal judicial

Beijing on January 30 (wuhan in hubei province YiQiPing LiXiaoJiang) according to the society, because he allegedly constitutes a crime, the director of hubei province bureau has been ShengJiWei society XuYe abound the judicial organ. Hubei discipline society since August in 2009 XuYeFu serious problems for the discipline investigation.

According to the bulletin, 2009, hubei discipline inspection authority accepted letter-inquiring-and-accusing 52847 (times), filing 4513, ShiTingJi: 16 cases of cadres, XianChuJi cadre cases, XiangKeJi cadres 170 case, 4633 sanctions 714, move send a judiciary processing 250 people, through handling, restore direct economic losses of 1.47 million shoes

Hubei discipline of society is particularly investigation bureau XuYeFu chief province: the former municipal CPC committee HuangGangShi, macheng, DengXinSheng secretary of municipal party committee, the municipal CPC committee ShiYanShi WangHuaTao, deputy mayor of hubei normal college, the secretary of the party committee, wuhan university of science and ugg bootstechnology bonorapl.influence ZhangJianGang, vice President of the former director of hubei, China mobile WangZhiGui former deputy general manager of the company LinDongHua cases. Hubei municipal administration discipline and punish state of local influential in the case of the investigation, such as wuhan DongXiHu vice secretary of the committee of eight, HuangGangShi investigation, li hua WuXue committee, vice secretary of the FengHanWu, enshi investigation bureau chief of the state LiuDing double,replica watches
XiaoGanShi investigation of the city ZhengXiang company general manager. (to finish)

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The feeling of happiness – my husband’s story

A young man because of their very satisfied with their environment, so always want to change the look through

marriage. So looking at the sky the moon, sang: the outside world is an exciting boy’s pursuit of the factory’s

dismissive. Lilac in full bloom in a season, a friend introduced me to a boy outside the unit, met with not a few

times, to get along is not deep, ugg bootsbut he’s pretty good.My husband and I was a plant, the girlfriend he was too poor,

and his 88, and he applied to, I launched the offensive. Husband, an excellent character, literary talent is flying

high, I love it. However, he limited capacity, a short time simply can not change my environment, I swirl of emotions

and intellect struggling. Husband is stubborn, unyielding, dead wrapped around a hard grind, and few rounds I

have crushed her husband surrendered and promised to talk to him.When to call the boy refused, the boy asks

for a further interview time, trying to convince me. I hesitated, hesitation, finally defeated the emotional reason.

Messengers carrying her husband went to met with the boy. That night, the boy on my side, but I have the

impression that he was I am very far away from very far. The two of us together, more embarrassed and cold

market, it seems that not much “talk about head.” Him, his world, his life, his everything, I do not know. This

strange feeling of me standing in the far, far away from his place! Why do I love to go to such a strange person,

ridiculous! Love, nba jerseysthere should be a real feeling, like current, the cathode and the anode meet arising from, but my

side has become an insulator. I fell into a deep remorse, why should I come meet with him again: “days late, let’s

go.” I ran away. That night, I understand my needs, my feelings got the upper hand, I became emotional captives,

then buys them on intuition bar.From then on, concentrate on the husband’s girlfriend. Linjian Xiao Lu whispering

against the couple, the marching Gongshang sunset sunset lovers, the with our shadow. Because it is a plant, has

long been aware of each other’s character, ability, family are aware of them. After falling in love, but also because

like reading, a common love, let us have a sense of minds think alike, I soon fell in love. I took a beautiful dream,

into the arms of her husband, became his network happy to Survive.In preparation for the wedding day, her

husband lost 20 pounds. Qiong A! Worry ah! To save money, a learned scholar husband, hands-on dress their

new homes. replica watchesThe oil industry came from the mother to see his son-poor gross feet, they go into battle and paste

the roof, oil dado, husband moved to tears. Her husband to work for seven years, their own savings and the

legacy of their parents to buy the furniture, sofa, bed after running low. I have wealthy families, work, the family will

not want my money, I saved the whole small treasuries, marriage, parents have a gift, which turned into color TV

sets, refrigerators, washing machines, combined speaker, became my dowry. Her husband’s friend the envy of

incredible: Ah! Muzi sweethome door wind, Muzi good fortune, there is such a good girl and lose. Her husband

also moved to say: the future must be right I do. In fact, people are prepared to give him, but also care about

these non-corporeal belongings Why?Got married, just when the rise of video, the fleet of percussion and other

wedding etiquette. A friend let me ask camera photo is that beautiful moment, to record that moment forever.

Please make the team,ugg boots as a bride to Fengfengguangguang. To please the band, chattering away to marry a

return. Can see that her husband’s face was thinner, they politely refuse a friend’s kindness. I have loved her

husband, ready to spend a lifetime with him, how can we as a momentary pleasure, merely to add to his troubles.

We have the sound of firecrackers explode, in a blessed sound of her husband, as Comrade Zhu Ba-jie, like me

back, from behind a row of her family, back to the front of a row of new houses. From this world two left male and

left fewer women, more than a pair of loving couple.Wedding when there is a trace of discord. Husband, parents

having died, to marry two sisters, each one has done a two blankets can be regarded as gift. The mattress to do

the whole is a single people, and four single shop in a double-bed mattress, in the middle there are more than a

dozen centimeters of the dam. In her husband’s warm embrace, my heart is faint in pain, this is a man no one

loves ah. At that moment, my heart is soft, up from the shoulders of the addition of feel like a mother’s


Marriage began sweet honeymoon,nba jerseys Nanjing, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai, his wife Wife has

left our presence. To save money, we walked west from the east, only to find the cheapest hotels. To save money,

we use the measured pace of the mountains, city land. To save money, we eat the cheapest food. Because heart

there is love, there he was accompanied by my side, they did not feel bitter, but think it is sweet like honey.After

the trip did not want to open kitchen, eat my mother’s rice, would like spicy food of. Mom said: Silly girl, is pregnant

bar. To awaken a dreamer, her husband was pleased to buy sour apricots, tomatoes, I only want to eat Spicy

white pepper potato silk. Her husband not only comfort I have consoled himself said that girls mind, but whatever

the crystallization of our love, all good. October conceive, love with the fruit, is a glowing nine pounds of weight

boy, a father of the husband happy I do not know what to do.Children 100 days later, I and her husband to consult

with their own cooking, tired of bass to eat at home mom. I let her husband choice: to cook or adopt a child.

Looked at soft infant child, her husband chose to cook from the kitchen into her husband’s office, cooking, Xi Guo

his patent, replica watchesher husband cooked noodles from only gradually grown into a qualified cook. And I, his son grow up

day by day, still only a laundry, clean up at home, counseling children, in addition to her husband’s office once a

week cleaning, the kitchen is my taboo subject.Ever since, her husband became a well-known model husband, but

I became infamous slattern. In fact, my lazy are not hereditary, a pampered little under half the parents before

marriage, and more than that was her husband after marriage, under the pet. Very hard to see when I cleaned the

house, her husband then said: “People often say that the old house must have a thick dust, there is only dust and

earth, almost on the line, and clean too clean, there is no thick dust had.” Otherwise said: “The poor are clean,

poor clean, too clean on the poor, and soon take a rest there.” Under the guidance of such a banner, you say I

can diligently this? When her husband also have a lot of trouble, when I will be too lazy, he’s like shameless Side

call out, “This can not, I’ll return, you have a product failure.” I told him: “how do you come to my back, and had to

go back to how back.” Husband does not suffer, ugg bootssaying: “You’re fat too and head, like an old sow, who can move

you back. To overcome the point, his back on the list.” I have also with him shamelessly: “Who told you to take

care of them so fat, and now products have been severely deformed, would like to return, restitution and other

products then we’ll talk.” Mozhe husband only let me lazy playing evil.Around friends and colleagues envy

incredibly, I have to ask Yu-fu technique. In fact, I think that the special relationship between husband and wife

simple, one should dare to have to be a good little woman, failing 10 million Mo trying to flaunt. Must respect her

husband, so her husband live in front of you self-confidence. No matter how he was outside the home, he

sheltered bays, must let him in their own homes with dignity a strong position. We should always understand that

he is your husband, your child’s parent, is to rely on your life, but also the love of your life. Second, we should

learn to praise, it is not to say that the child should be the implementation of appreciated education do, in fact, a

man in some ways, he is the one in front of you did not grow up child. To say: “Thanks to you”, “You do really

delicious meal,” nba jerseys“you’re a hummer” and so on. Criticism of her husband’s shortcomings, it is necessary in a good

mood when her husband should be tactful, do Mo tone with lessons, men’s self-esteem are very strong. Third, we

must keep in mind if they lazy, then you do not want to do, Do not force the other side to do. To learn like a baby,

for example, you do not want to wash, you should be and her husband, said: husband, I am not comfortable, you

give wash bowl, and you? And then dragged him off to wash pool, give him a line on the apron and brought to a

Kiss. Then you can go to sleep, watch television. Washed to believe that he will give you a very clean bowl. Habits

are slowly trained, habits become natural that everything easier to handle. If you make your husband feel deeply

for his infinite, I believe that he would for his own family of hard working and dedicated.

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Getting No Credit Car Loan With Bad Credit

Getting No Credit Car Loan With Bad Credit

People with no credit when plan to buy a car generally doubt about getting a car loan. Some of them carry a feeling that getting a No Credit Auto Loans for the borrowers is difficult. Probably it is true. It is advisable to have minor bad credit score than not having any credit score at all. However, with the increased number of lenders in the market, things can be made easy. If the borrower has a good paying job that can confirm a low debt-to-income ratio.

The most important thing to consider while taking a loan is the Used Auto Loans. Making good down payment can ensure the lender about your monthly payment capacity. This can help the lenders to develop confidence in the borrower. It is important to plan for a vehicle that can fit into one’s budget. One can take help from relatives and friends having good credit, to take Guaranteed Auto Loan with co-borrower. Buying your first car can help to make credit score, and the one’s who have poor credit can improve on their credit score.

Dealing with credit crisis and also need a car desperately? Well you are not alone and we have the solution for your crisis. You might have faced days where if you are having credit troubles it is almost impossible to find a car loan. But the face of the economy has changes so has the loan giving companies and lenders. Now you can find loans offered with no credit check. This is a way to rise above the low credit score woes. Though it is not an easy proposal to grant No Credit Check Loan However, this lets a person with bad credit history get back to his feet and improve his score. Another reason to rejoice is that there are no more anticipations or humiliation for getting the loan rejected just because you need a Used Car Loans

Today there are no facing insults in applying for Guaranteed Auto Loans. There is a huge market for no credit check loans and now there are many companies to cater to those needs of the people. Although it is not advisable to get into contract with the first company that you find that will entertain low rate car loans. It is wise to see and check out your options and then pick a company that you think is promising and is not only showing a rosy picture. A good way is to go online and get best car loan quotes from various companies. Then you can compare the Best loans rate and find yourself an Sub Prime Car Loans which gives you highest number of advantages. Thoroughly go over the terms and conditions of the company that you are going to seal the contract with. Read the fine lines and make sure you do not have any doubts about the company or the terms. Since you are going for a No credit check car loan, the interest rate is going to be high but make sure you calculate your APR.

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escortsdelhi (

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Man tie 3 months 1.5 degrees of visual change myopia

From the jiulongpo district recently, jiulongpo district of 28 eyes something is wrong, that li lei was the vision, now just 1.5 points away can’t see clearly. 25, li lei to southwest hospital inspection, declining eyesight to 0.8. A: talk to the doctor for tie too tight, cause eye myopia.

Shape the image

Every day a tie

“A pair of eyes, 21 years had no trouble.” Li lei said, his living jiulongpo district days on the ninth floor building reputed C, graduated from the university last year, in Kowloon park day’s sales company to find a foreign sales job. Xiao li attaches great importance to this job, work every day will tie, dress up. “To the sales target, to impress a job.”

Li lei XiaoYongFu colleague said, at first, the tie to xiao li, let unit, his colleagues help has also played a few times to xiao li tie. After a week, no longer let coworkers. Xiao li, LiLeiXiao says, tie to play well, really cost. He in front of the mirror, is a land casually.

Breath-holding hard supportbasketball shoes

Eye department

Helpless, li lei only optional, afraid of tie off, the tie is very tight.

“Often hear xiao li shout breath-holding.” Who YuZhou branch hi-tech 38 two 16 floor colleagues say, zhao asked xiao li time what happens, xiao li would not say. “Shy.” Li lei is the reason that the truth, colleagues, affirmation will laugh at him even tie all play well. But, he had to hard support.

“He is not only friend.” the eyes nearsighted Li lei buddy, xinhua bookstore staff, the original, ZhangXiao said all envy LiLeiYou double vision for 1.5 eyes. In recent days, he and li lei dinner, shopping, li lei said not clear away the billboards or other items. On Friday, in his world, he asked LiLeiWan riverside hotel which is the top two letters? Li lei is watching the along while, said he could not see.

Li lei says, since December, eyes began to something is wrong, what is farther still can see farther, a fuzzy. This month, and he 12, a friend to play outside HongYa hole, standing on the deck, overlooking the jiangbei billboard can see before but not pure, can only see a frame.

His eyes myopia

Tie is too tight

Last weekend, li lei woke up, the eyes of pain, eyes, he quickly to the problem, the result is measured optician’s eyes to his surprise, the eye also myopia, only 0.8. Yesterday morning, li lei to southwest hospital inspection, want to know what the problem is.ugg boots

Zhang stars doctor li lei do a thorough check, found no eye has fault, but that guy tie tight. Zhang asked him whether the tie tight? After he got favorable reply and carefully examined again, draw the conclusion: the tie is too tight, the myopia. Reporter WangYunJian ShuQing interns

My coarse man

Don’t too tight tie

Zhang explanation, too tight tie, will be oppressive nerve, hinder carotid artery and normal blood circulation, the cause of human brain ischemia, hypoxia, leading to the normal supply of nutrients, involving the optic and DongYanShenJing limited, thus appears eyes look swollen, fuzzy and other symptoms. Tie close, make the neck veins, eye venous blood pressure backflow to the heart, not in eye week organization, which affect vision, also can make eye swelling discomfort. “Also trigger glaucoma.” Zhang said, tie tight and neck thicker man, should be vigilant the optic nerve injury.

Tie collar button

Moderation firmness

How to avoid a tie to health? Zhang said, tie or collar button to loose, too tight on some health hazard. He suggested that tie, don’t put too tight tie, wearing the costume, collar button don’t too tight. Should let neck with proper freedom, can effectively protect the eyes.

Tie too tightreplica watches

Easy cause glaucoma

German medical department, according to a study in the neck ties tight and throat, easy cause glaucoma period. Researchers to 40 male citizens test shows that tie 3 minutes, most people intraocular pressure increased by 20%. Tie oppression, influence blood circulation neck veins, eyes shine side-effects.

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